The first wave of reactions to Bohemian Rhapsody has arrived. The Queen biopic has been in the works for a very long time and, after years of development, it's finally hitting theaters next month. Fox has screened the movie and critics have weighed in with their initial reactions on social media. So how did it turn out? Assuming this initial wave of response holds true for moviegoers, it's something of a mixed bag.

Based on what has been said on Twitter so far, it sounds like Bohemian Rhapsody is a by-the-numbers biopic. Depending on one's level of expectations, that could be a good or a bad thing. Just don't go in expecting a hot take on Queen. Here's what The New York Times' Kyle Buchanan had to say about it.

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"Bohemian Rhapsody is a glorified Wikipedia entry. But Rami Malek plays Freddie Mercury (and wears his wonderful costumes) with incredible gusto."

On the surface, that may sound a bit harsh but then again, Queen has a pretty interesting story without having to spice things up too much. So bringing that Wikipedia page to life may just do the trick for many. One thing that seems to be near universal at this point is high praise for Rami Malek and his performance as the late Freddie Mercury. It sounds like, if nothing else, this movie is going to put him right in the heart of this year's Oscar race for Best Actor. Here's what SyFy Wire's Jenna Busch had to say about it.

"Absolutely beyond blown away by #BohemianRhapsody! Rami Malek is phenomenal. Gorgeous story, amazing concert movie...I don't have enough words!"

Bohemian Rhapsody did suffer from some speedbumps during production. Specifically, Bryan Singer, who remains the credited director, disappeared from set for several days and was ultimately fired from his gig. Eddie the Eagle director Dexter Fletcher was brought in to finish the movie. The Los Angeles Times' Jen Yamato had one of the more harsh reactions to the movie, which may have suffered due to these director troubles, or for any number of behind-the-scenes reasons.

"Watching Bohemian Rhapsodyreminded me of the time I subjected a karaoke bar to Queen's 'Who Wants To Live Forever.' And, well, sometimes you've got to read a room."

Joining Rami Malek as the members of Queen are Gwilym Lee as Brian May, Joseph Mazzello as John Deacon and Ben Hardy as Roger Taylor. At the present time, full reviews for the movie have not yet been revealed, so we don't have a Rotten Tomatoes score or anything like that to go on. Nor do we have more thorough reactions to provide a bit more context. Whatever the case may be on that front, it sounds like this will be worth it just for Malek's performance alone. Fox is set to release Bohemian Rhapsody in theaters on November 2. Be sure to check out more of the early reactions for yourself below.

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