As /bond-23-plans-huge-action-sequence-involving-trains/reported last month, director Sam Mendes is planning a huge train stunt sequence for Bond 23 that will see Daniel Craig as 007 jumping a motorcycle onto the crowded rooftop of a moving train. There was quite a bit of back and forth on setting this up, as the Indian governemnet had delayed production in giving permission to shoot on the train tracks in Ahmedabad, and Dudhsagar and Zuari Rail Bridge in Mumbai and Goa, respectively. The director was on the verge of moving the film to South Africa to shoot these scenes.

It appears that Sam Mendes has now gotten permission to shoot this elaborate stunt in India utilizing their railway system. But it has come with a demand from the Indian Government that the sequence itself be rewritten. Originally, the moving train was to be occupied by the impoverished locals who have illegally hopped aboard the train's roof. While the stunt will still involve Daniel Craig jumping his motorcycle onto the speeding locomotive, Sam Mendes has agreed to amend the action so that passengers are seen inside the railcars only.

Indian Railways minister Dinesh Trivedi was concerned that the script, as originally written, would give the false impression that all Indian trains were over flowing with stowaway passengers hitching a ride on top, which is illegal in the country. This is what he had to say about the situation.

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""Rooftop travel is illegal in India and it cannot be encouraged. There are many trains in India and not all trains have people traveling on the rooftops. I have proposed that the spy say something like: 'Indian Railways is as strong as James Bond'"

Permission was granted to use the Indian railway system after Sam Mendes agreed to amend the scene in question, though it is unclear if this was cause for the delay in shooting. The Indian government hopes that Bond 23 will be a publicity boost for the railways, which has faced stiff competition from private airlines in recent years.

Bond 23 will be partially shot in Mumbai and Delhi, only the second 007 to take place in India since 1983's Octopussy.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange