Less than a week after Matthew Fox and Patrick Wilson joined the cast of Caliber Media's Western Bone Tomahawk, the production has added Lili Simmons (True Detective), Evan Jonigkeit (Girls), Kathryn Morris (Cold Case) and horror veterans David Arquette and Sid Haig.

The plot follows four men who set off on a mission to save a group of captives from a tribe of cannibals who live on the edge of civilization. Kurt Russell and Richard Jenkins are also confirmed to star alongside Matthew Fox, Patrick Wilson and these new additions to the cast.

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Lili Simmons is playing a doctor in the town of Bright Hope, who is the "de facto wife" of Patrick Wilson's character. Kathryn Morris is portraying the wife of Kurt Russell's character, the Bright Hope sheriff, with Evan Jonigkeit playing a young deputy. David Arquette and Sid Haig are playing, "a couple of filthy brigands whose actions set off a string of violent repercussions."

The cast is rounded out by Sean Young, Geno Segers, Fred Melamed, James Tolkan, Raw Leiba, Jamie Hector, Jamison Newlander, Zahn McClarnon, David Midthunder, Jay Tavare, Gray Wolf Herrara, Robert Mukes and Brandon Molale.

S. Craig Zahler (The Brigands of Rattleborge) is directing from his own script, with Caliber Media's Dallas Sonnier and Jack Heller producing.