It seems that one of Fox's popular programs has fallen victim to the swine flu disease, at least for one day. According to Entertainment Weekly's Ausiello Files, Bones has shut down production today (Monday).

Series creator Hart Hanson revealed on his Twitter account that the production was shut down. "First time in Bones history we are shut down from production. Damn swine flu! That's gonna cut into Christmas hiatus."

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A rep for the series confirmed that star David Boreanez was absent from the set, which is why the show was shut down. "David is out with the flu and the show shut down today since he was in every scene," says the rep. "We hope to resume production tomorrow."

However, Hanson later tweeted that, ""there is no indication that Boreanaz has swine flu. We expect him back tomorrow. I'm now going out to get swine flu myself in atonement." While it is unclear how Boreanez did fall ill, it seems the show should be back on track tomorrow.

We'll keep you posted if the series is back in full swing on production tomorrow, or if the production shutdown continues.