The Good

Picture and sound are noteworthy but that doesn't really help anyone here.

The Bad

It's an unoriginal show with a DVD lacking any real features, it's not worth your time.

When I first saw the advertising for Bones to myself "oh man, not another crime drama". I didn't even bother watching it on television. After I got the DVD to review it I was sad to say that my fears were true. Bones is nothing but a product of a trend, and that trend is the crime drama. The way I see it there are only 4 types of shows on primetime television: reality, crime drama, medical drama, and sitcom. There are a few shows that actually strive to be original such as LOST and Desperate Housewives, but most new shows fall into one of the trendy genres.

The plot of the show is very formulaic. David Boreanaz stars as FBI agent Steeley Booth who teams up with forensic expert Dr. Temperance Brennan. The team combine knowledge and go on a crime solving spree. So, you have an agent who solves cases by clues from the living and an anthropologist who gathers clues from the dead and the skeletal remains. Oh no, get ready for some clashing of styles! Within the first episode I knew that the show was a drag, and it really is. The acting is so stiff and wooden and the writing is incredibly poor.


Commentary On Pilot Episode & "Two Bodies In The Lab":

The audio commentaries are basically just talk about how the show got made, they're really uninteresting.


The cast talk about how they prepared for their roles in the show.

The Real Definition:

A guide to forensic terminology.

The special features are incredibly disappointing, they are merely space fillers. I guess Fox didn't want to put too much effort into something that ultimately will get cancelled.


The show is presented in 1.78:1 anamorphic widescreen and I do have to admit it's a beautiful presentation. The image is incredibly sharp and colors are handled perfectly. One thing about the show, despite how bad it is, is that it has some great lighting. I have to acknowledge the cinematography and the transfer definitely puts that on display. From what I can tell it's near perfect.


The show is also presented in Dolby Digital 5.1. The show doesn't really utilize the surround speakers that much, but it's nice to have it. It's a pretty standard audio mix.


Bones comes in a plastic outer sleeve, inside there is a cardboard case that houses two slimline DVD cases. The set consists of 4 double-sided discs with 2 discs dedicated to each case. You have to appreciate the effort to keep the set as small as possible, and I always appreciate that since shelf space is always of concern. However, double-sided discs are a disappointment mostly because they usually get scratched and scuffed much easier and quicker than single sided DVD's. Double-sided DVD's also offer much less space for video and audio, which leaves me wondering how the picture turned out so great.

Final Word

On the back of the DVD set there is a quote that says that "Bones is a sexed-up CSI". That right there says it all. Bones is nothing more than a show that is trying to capitalize off the success of shows like CSI and Law & Order. Bones is a complete waste of time when there are so many other better shows on television.