Die Hard 4:TV Times recently spoke with actress Bonnie Bedelia about reprising her role as 'Holly McClane' in the proposed 4th Die Hard film. Thanks to a reader over at Coming Soon! a transcription is now online...

BB: I wasn't in the last one. One minute Holly was in the script, the next minute she was out. But as it worked out, I was tied up with two telemovies that year anyway, so who knows if I could've done it anyway.

TT: There have been rumors of a Die Hard 4. Do you think it'll happen?

BB: It's being written right now. I'm definitely doing this one. It's going to feature John and Holly's kids too, I believe. It's taken a while to do another one because Bruce wasn't sure whether he really needed to do one and the studio wasn't so sure that it was the best time to do a Die hard film with all that's going on in the world right now. So they've waited a few years, worked on a story that doesn't necessarily concentrate on the whole terrorist theme, and everyone feels it's time to make it happen.

TT: And there's talk of Britney Spears playing your daughter?

BB: No, all I know is that John McTiernan, who is just wonderful, he did the first film, wants to do it. Hopefully it'll be underway soon. I look forward to it.

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