Ever wonder what Seth Rogen and Melissa McCarthy might look like if they had their own Saturday morning CGI animated TV show? The first look at B.O.O.: Bureau of Otherworldly Operations gives us a pretty good idea, and it seems this DreamWorks Animated adventure isn't straying too far from their everyday appearance. This cute art comes courtesy of Amazon, who bring us the first look at B.O.O. with the cover of a tie-in activity book for kids. Take a look, then read on for a synopsis of the movie that describes both the plot and what this book has to offer:

BOO Activity Book

Short for "Bureau of Otherworldly Operations," B.O.O. introduces children to ghostly adventures in the digital age, as they come along for a spooky ride with the super-classified ghost-busting agency no one has ever heard of and certainly never seen. The agents of B.O.O. work to protect humans from evil hauntings with a secret weapon...They are ghosts themselves! With Learn to Draw Dreamworks' B.O.O., young artists can learn to recreate favorite haunts and heroes from the film step by step, such as agent Jackson Moss and his oddball partner Watts, who save the agency and the world from an attack threatening to destroy it forever. Featured drawing projects include popular ghost-busting agents and their cool gadgets, as well as the film's villains, including the scheming criminal Most Wanted Haunter.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange