The Boogeyman Pop teaser trailer is here. The upcoming horror anthology was produced independently and was made on a shoestring budget. When the movie was roughly 75 percent through filming, they had spent just $75 thousand, which, as director Brad Michael Elmore puts it, is the catering budget on many movies. Now, the general public is getting a look at what Elmore cooked up with this first full teaser, which looks like it's going to be bizarre, bloody and quite possibly a lot of fun.

This teaser is loaded with blood and trippy imagery. It's pretty tough to get a grip on the larger story at play, but there's a creepy maniac wielding a bat killing young folks and there are some supernatural elements at play. The synthy 80s score is also doing the footage some serious favors. The music comes courtesy of the band The Wolfmen of Mars, for those who dig that element of the trailer. Brad Michael Elmore had this to say about the movie when trying to raise some additional funds on Indiegogo a while back.

"My team and I take a great pride in getting the best production value out of what is essentially a catering budget by typical movie standards. From my righteously talented DP Gneel Costello, to my actors, who are a mix of young up-and-comers like James Paxton, Dillon Lane, Greg Hill, and Dominique Booth, to more established character actors like MC Gainey and Raul Mendez, to my producing partner Alix Von Renner, we're all doing this as a labor of love. Nobody is making a lot of money and everybody is bringing their A-game. Why? Because we love movies. We especially love good ones."

In Boogeyman Pop, a bat-wielding, masked killer in a rusted- out black Cadillac weaves in and out of three interlocking stories awash in sex, drugs, punk rock, black magic, and broken homes. It's described as a coming-of-age teen drama that examines adolescent life through a genre lens with a tinge of trash culture tropes. The movie features three interlocking narratives over the course of the first night of summer break in a pacific northwest town, weaving in and out of a rowdy punk show. The cast includes James Paxton, son of the late Bill Paxton. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story screenwriter Chris Weitz is also on board as an executive producer, which lends the project some credibility.

The horror anthology recently made its debut at the Cinepocalypse festival in July. Those who want to check out the movie on the East Coast can do so at the Popcorn Frights Film Festival on Sunday, August 12th. It will screen again a week later in New York City at Scary Movies XI at the Film Society Lincoln Center. Boogeyman Pop is set to be released sometime this year, but no release date has yet been locked down. For now, you can check out the teaser trailer over on Vimeo for yourself below.