Elijah Wood was able to keep the One Ring after Lord of the Rings wrapped and now Paul Thomas Anderson says that Mark Wahlberg was able to keep his prosthetic from Boogie Nights. The director recently conducted a Twitter AMA to promote Phantom Thread, but he also delved deep into many other subjects as AMAs tend to do. In addition to talking about Boogie Nights, Anderson also revealed that he would one day like to direct a children's movie and said that Teen Titans would be his first choice for a superhero adventure, which sounds pretty awesome, so DC, get in touch with Paul Thomas Anderson's people.

Paul Thomas Anderson has frequently said that Mark Wahlberg's Dirk Diggler character's giant penis was much like Jaws, in the way that the wait to see it made it even more powerful. Say all you want, but the scene is iconic and apparently something that Wahlberg regrets since he's become a devout Catholic. The actor went so far as to publically ask for God's forgiveness for taking on the role of Dirk Diggler. However, at the time, Mr. Wahlberg seemed to be pretty happy with the way that the movie came out.

Cast and crew who worked on Boogie Nights recall that Mark Wahlberg would wear his prosthetic penis even in scenes where it didn't call for it and he reportedly became attached to his new-found body part. When asked during the Twitter AMA on where the legendary prosthetic is, Paul Thomas Anderson revealed that Wahlberg kept it, which makes complete sense. It's not clear if he kept his custom merkin that the crew made for him to match his hair color, but we can assume that he kept that as well.

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Since Mark Wahlberg has since spoken out about his critically acclaimed role in Boogie Nights (really? Not Rock Star or Planet of the Apes?), it isn't clear if he is still in possession of Dirk Diggler's monster penis. The devout Catholic actor may have done away with the prosthetic from a role that he wishes to forget about. Paul Thomas Anderson helped turn Mark Wahlberg into a Hollywood superstar with Boogie Nights, so hopefully he kept it as a not subtle reminder that he was once Marky Mark, the leader of the Funky Bunch who wore tighty whities in his music videos.

In addition to talking about penis prosthetics, Paul Thomas Anderson also revealed his favorite Will Ferrell movies, which are Step Brothers, Talladega Nights, and Anchorman. Anderson's latest movie, Phantom Thread, is currently in theaters and is obviously getting some Oscar buzz thanks to what may very well be the final performance of Daniel Day Lewis. The Twitter AMA thread is actually really good and the director talks about a variety of different subjects openly and honestly. You can read more about the whereabouts of the legendary Boogie Nights prosthetic over at The Phantom Thread Twitter account.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick