Colin Trevorrow's The Book of Henry came out last week and the reviews from critics and moviegoers have been less than stellar to say the least. In fact, the movie has been publicly torn apart from just about every major news outlet, leading some to question Trevorrow manning the helm for Star Wars 9, which is completely ridiculous. Colin Trevorrow has been mostly silent about the negativity that his latest project has received, but did tease a little tongue in cheek jab on the movie's release date. The director said "Be proud of everything you paint, even if Mom doesn't put it on the fridge" through social media. It's important to note that audience rating on Rotten Tomatoes is at 70%, which is not terrible by any means.

The Book of Henry has been described as "catastrophically awful", "a flaming mess," and "the worst movie of the year" by various critics. Star Wars fans (who probably have not even seen The Book of Henry) have even started an online petition to remove Colin Trevorrow from Star Wars 9 because that's what's important in the world right now and it's fun to jump on the negativity train. The negative reviews have come as a complete shock to Trevorrow and the cast and crew.

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Colin Trevorrow sat down with Empire Magazine to discuss The Book of Henry and all of the hate surrounding the movie. The director admitted that the negative reaction was "a little heartbreaking." Read Trevorrow's thoughts below.

"It came to us as a bit of a shock. We did not anticipate that level of vitriolic dislike for the film. In the end, do I want to be somebody who pleases both audiences and critics? Absolutely. Is it hugely disappointing? It is."

Trevorrow obviously still stands by his movie and the performances within the movie. He explains.

"I do stand by the movie. I know it's something I'm very proud of, and everyone who made it is very proud."

The director's wife pointed to an online form where a fan said that he should be removed from the project entirely and Trevorrow just laughed it off. What else can you do?

In the end, Trevorrow thinks that a lot of the very negative public response stems from his past and present projects that have thrust him further into the public eye. He directed Jurassic World and production is about to start on Star Wars 9 and fans of the franchises are watching his every move, waiting for the director to take the wrong step. Trevorrow admits that he hadn't taken his new found visibility into account while making the indie movie The Book of Henry.

The extreme criticism will ultimately have zero effect on the outcome of Star Wars 9. The Book of Henry will be 2 years old and a distant memory by the time that Star Wars 9 hits theaters. Who knows, maybe The Book of Henry will be looked upon as a cult classic, an underrated gem by the time of the release of the next project. There are fans of the movie out there, they're just a little silent at the moment.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick