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Friday was Warner Brothers day, and we hit the broadcast press line bright and early. Obviously learning from Disney's mess the day before, they had everything running on time. They even got us out a bit early. While promoting Jonah Hex, Megan Fox got a little irritated with us for having our microphone to close to her face. And Josh Brolin didn't laugh when we said his new hairdo made him look like Mike Brady. Everything else was good, though. We also talked with the cast and crew of 9, which finally gave us the opportunity to talk with Tim Burton about Alice in Wonderland. The angels of Legion followed quickly on their heels, and Tyrese Gibson proved to be a lot of fun. As always is the case in San Diego, we were once again pressed for time. We had to get across town to the Westin Hotel for Star-ving.

Against our better wisdom, Timmy and I decided to take a peddle-cab. These guys are legendary for ripping off the patrons of Comic-Con, and we knew better. They are like maggots on day-old beef, and once outside the convention center, they are as available as a hobo on skid row. One guy stood up and yelled, "Five dollars!" So we hopped in his cart. He took us all through the city, but not to our hotel. Even though we kept telling him we needed to be there ASAP. Finally arriving at our destination three minutes late, we found out that we each owed him ninety dollars apiece. At first we thought he said, "Nine dollars." And this soon turned into a heated argument that had him calling the cops. Timmy threw forty dollars at him as we raced for the entrance of the hotel. The pedal-cab driver started screaming and pretending to call the cops. Hoofing it into the lobby, we ran smack dab into David Faustino and Corin Nemec, who led us to safety. After they had lunch, we had a nice chat about Star-Ving. We then went upstairs to talk with stuntwoman extraordinaire Zoe Bell about her upcoming DVD release Angel of Death. It was a fun forty-five minutes. But it didn't last long. Before we knew it, we were running to the Omni to meet up with the Derrick Comedy gang about their film Mystery Team.

Timmy and I grew smart. We decided to take a "real" cab back to the Omni, and it only cost us five dollars. Upon entering the lobby, we were given Wired Café passes that lead us into a small Mecca of free booze and food, where Paulington awaited our arrival. There was swag, and Patron, and Iced Ale. We quickly grabbed a couple of pints before being ushered into a back area, where we spoke with /sdcc-2009-excl-video-the-cast-of-the-mystery-team/Dominic Deirks, Donald Glover, DC Pierson, Meggie McFadden, and director Dan Eckman. I didn't know these guys from a hill of beans, and I have yet to see their film, let alone the trailer for it. Still, I instantly fell in love with the guys and their gal. Especially Donald, whom I'd come to bug the shit out of later that night at the notorious Wrath of Con party. We wanted to get more beer, but instead, we had to run back to the convention center for District 9 interviews.

These were our last interviews of the day, which was a good thing, because we were all exhausted. It was exciting to talk with Peter Jackson and Neill Blomkamp about their film, especially after how well received it was the night before. It became clear that neither Blomkamp nor star Sharlto Copley knew what a monster hit they have on their hands. They all seemed to be quite gracious and understated. And worried that the rising hype could potentially hurt the movie. After Jackson explained more about his plans for The Hobbit, we made a beeline for our hotel room. It wouldn't be long before the biggest party of the year started, and we wanted to get in early. I was set to attend a warm-up Focus Features soirée, but I was running quite late by the time I reached the Hilton. Instead of getting dressed, I made plans for dinner. Which were quickly ditched once we found out the party had been over booked by at least four hundred people. Instead of eating a real meal, Brian Gallagher, Paulington, and I hit the pizza stand for a few more slices. We then waited around in the Hard Rock bar, nursing our first drinks of the trip that weren't free. Halfway through my second Blue Moon (which came complete with a slice of orange), an attractive black woman in a slinky dress made her way towards me. We chitchatted about Tom Peterson, Rambling Rod, Portland, Oregon, and the Pop Shop. Then she told me to come hit on her once my drink was finished. Hooker. I didn't buy it for a second. Especially with her brasserie poking out of her tight little blue dress. I shook of the proposal and booked it up to the fourth floor of the Hard Rock, where the party was just getting underway.

For four straight hours, I waded through a swamp of Go-Go girls, co-workers, big name celebrities, and way too many hard liquor drinks to account for here. At the end of this merry-go-round blur of plastic cups and "hello"s, I found myself harassing Donald from Mystery Team. I was headed to breakfast with him and his gang of hangers on, then suddenly realized what a creepy stalker I'd suddenly turned into. I ditched them for my hotel. The outside of the convention center was still crowded with nerds camping on the sidewalk. I wasn't sure what they were waiting for. I hadn't checked my schedule for Saturday. Here, I ran into that old harasser of Twilight fans. He was still holding his cardboard sign. We got into it verbally. But then we bonded over our hatred for pedal-cabs. He agreed to change his sign to say, "Pedal Cabs Ruined Comic-Con", and then we spend the next thirty minutes sharing a small bottle of Vodka I'd dug out of the Wrath of Con gift bag. It was fun yelling at the pedal-cabs as they drove by. Then it was off to bed.

I was back up at 6:45 am. Timmy, Paulington, and I had to spend the morning running the length of San Diego, as all of our Saturday morning interviews were being held at different hotels throughout the city. Our first stop was a free breakfast sponsored by Imagi. This was like a time-share event, as a representative came over and gave us a running history of their company while we drunkenly chewed at strips of bacon. Yes, we were still a bit buzzed from the night before. Luckily for us, the waitress didn't stop bringing champagne to the table for a good ninety minutes. We were super drunk again by 9 am. Not a bad start. Sure. Except the next ninety-minutes rushed by us in a blur of chugging feet. I don't think I have ever run that fast, or that far, in such a short period of time in my whole life. We were covering some smaller stuff, as well as interviews for Lionsgate's The Collector. It was a hurried, harried couple of shout outs that saw us sober by the time we reached the convention center for our Zombieland and 2012 interviews.

/sdcc-2009-excl-video-roland-emmerich-destroys-the-world-in-2012/Roland Emmerich was a pretty cool cat with a lot of true science knowledge about the Mayan calendar and the volcano that rests underneath Yellow Stone park. Jesse Eisenberg set me up for a joke that had me starring at Woody Harrelson's crotch, which didn't go over very well. And then, in a failed attempt to be funny, I called Emma Stone a dork. There was more to it than that, but all she heard was, "You're a dork." Funny, but sad. Shortly afterwards, we talked to James Purefoy and director Michael J. Bassett about Solomon Kane. Those quick moments are nothing but a blur to me at this point in time.

Rob Zombie was waiting for us at the Omni, where we would be talking about all things H2: Halloween 2 related. This excited Timmy and I, as we could make another trip through the Wired Café. Having sweated out all our Wrath of Con juice and all of our expensive Imagi champagne, we hurried to the bar and had another Stone IPA Ice. A waitress came by and dropped a watermelon Popsicle laced with patron into my plastic cup. The combo of Ale, tequila, and fresh watermelon was quite soothing and put me right back at the top of my game. After learning all the secrets about Michael Myers' upcoming sequel, we went back to the Café for another six beers and a Patron and Pomegranate punch. Afterwards, we headed back to the convention center. There, we saw a man with the ugliest dog in the history of dogs. It looked like a walking, shaved rat. The dog's master didn't appreciate our taunts, and seemed a bit heartbroken when I asked if the dog had won The Ugliest Dog in the World Contest.

Our second to last interview for Saturday was with the cast of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Paulington is currently getting slammed in the comment section on our website for this interview, but the /sdcc-2009-excl-video-its-always-sunny-in-philadelphia-cast-reveal-secrets-behind-season-5/guys were having a lot of fun, and we all knew that Charlie Day's death was a joke. The rep yelled at us for being drunk, but it was Saturday at Comic-Con, and this is a show about a bar. That sells drinks. The boozy theme fit in quite nicely. We assumed, since this interview was taking place at our hotel, that we'd have time to get changed before the big Robot Chicken skating party that was going down in an hour. This actually wasn't the case. As soon as we got finished with Mac, Dennis, and Sweet Dee, we were in a cab heading towards National City. Though tired and nearly dead, we were still looking forward to roller-skating with Seth Green and his crew. $20 dollars later, we were ready to go back to the Hilton. And we hadn't even seen anything yet.

The roller rink was a nasty shack in the middle of the ghetto. While fans streamed inside, a bunch of gangsters stood across the street, harassing passer-bys. One of the PR chicks, fearing for her life, couldn't convince the security guard to ban them from coming in, "Let them do something first. Then I can bash in their skulls." He said to me and Timmy with a smile. It took more than an hour to get our interview with /sdcc-2009-excl-video-seth-green-and-matthew-senreich-talk-robot-chicken/Seth Green. In the meantime, we ate cold pizza that had probably been lying around the joint since the 80s. We were told there would be no free beer. It didn't matter, our legs were jelly. We wouldn't even be able to skate. As soon as we could get out of there, we made a beeline for the door. A bus had been chartered for fans, and we were lucky enough to get a ride back on it. We rode on the top, the sun setting, the cool ocean air sweeping past our faces. It was quite the trip back to the Hilton. And one of the best things I remember about the entire weekend. When we got back, we decided to call it quits.

Tyrese was having a party to celebrate his new comic book Mayhem. Kiss were playing at the Hard Rock. And our peers were all gathering at Dick's Last Resort for one final night of beer drinking. We decided to have dinner in the hotel restaurant. I then went up stairs and fell into a weird dreamlike state watching The Incredible Hulk with no sound on. I drifted into a coma while Brain Gallagher feverishly typed up the Iron Man 2 roundtables. He swigged some whiskey, muttering, slowly turning into David Banner. I awoke, hearing him say something about a party. My hand was asleep. And I thought I'd died. I was back up at 6:45 am the next morning. This was it. The last day.

Sunday is always a slow day. It consisted of wondering over to the convention center where we chatted with the cast of the CW's Smallville and Supernatural. We walked the Con floor on last time, not really seeing anything of importance. Then we ended things with a late lunch at The Old Spaghetti Factory. They had, hands down, the coldest, tastiest draft pints I'd come across over the course of the last five days. Soon, our driver was meeting us outside out hotel, and we were off. That, folks, was Comic-Con 2009.


/boos-and-whoop-doos-brushing-off-the-dust-of-comic-con-2009-part-1/Brushing Off the Dust of Comic-Con 2009 Part 1

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