2nd Annual Happy Giving of Thanks? Whoop-doo!


In this business, people are too often found shitting all over their eagerly anticipated big budget releases. They never take the time to step back and say, "Wow! You made my day worthwhile, Mr. Entertainment Maker." We, as a critical community would rather bark obscenities than take a moment to say, "Thanks!" And truly mean it! So, in light of our biggest and best buffet holiday, The Whoop-Doo Nation would like to give a few very thankful shout-outs before presenting Spooker Washington's annual Happy Giving of Thanks Special, which we hope becomes an institution as revered as Peanuts: A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. Here we go:

Thank-doo, V! For not completely sucking.

Thank-doo, Ed O'Neill! For coming back and proving why you're still THE MAN!

Thank-doo, Bobcat Goldthwait! For proving that a director can still make a hilariously dark drama full of fresh ideas.

Thank-doo, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia! For being consistently funny this year. And especially you, Sweet Dee, for being the best female character on TV at the moment!

Thank-doo, Ninja Assassin! For being a bloody, mindless feast of action for my lethargic ass the day after Thanksgiving!

Thank-doo, Boss BB, for letting us work from home, so that we didn't catch the H1N1!

Thank-doo, Jim Beaver, for being the coolest wheelchair bound cat on TV! (Sorry, Wheels! He fights demons, you sing in Glee club.)

Thank-doo, Will Farrell! For making dinosaurs fun again!

Thank-doo, Michael Jackson! For dieing so we could watch your wonderful rehearsal footage documentary, something we'd never get to see if you were still alive.

Thank-doo, Entertainment Weekly! For giving me something fresh and breezy to read while I'm Knighting Sir John Crapper.

Thank-doo, Fat Mo's! For having the best hamburger around!

Thank-doo, Timmy Lunsford! For making us all look better than we ever have a right too!

Thank-doo, Err! For trying to teach me, no matter how futile, how to spell properly!

Thank-doo, Wes Anderson! For turning your talents towards animation. The family genre fits you perfectly!

Thank-doo, James Cameron! For continuing to inspire hope even though your film looks really, really bad!

Thank-doo, Intervention! For making me thirstier than any TV show has a right too!

Thank-doo, Planes, Trains & Automobiles! For still being the best Thanksgiving film around.

Thank-doo, Faith No More! For coming back one more time and proving why you're the best thing to have come out of the 90s!

Thank-doo, 2012! For making the end of the world so much fun!

And finally, Thank-doo, Whoop-doo Warriors, for making my job fun each and everyday!

Now, without further ado, here, for the second year in a row, is Spooker Washington's Happy Giving of Thanks Special featuring Henry Lee:

Enjoy Thanksgiving! Eat food! Kill Grandma! Whoop-doo!