Yesterday, the man behind Buzz Lightyear made a huge announcement about his upcoming sequel Toy Story 4. While having a fun conversation on The Tonight Show, Tim Allen let it slip that Keanu Reeves plays a new character. Who is this new mystery toy, and what will it be doing with Woody, Buzz and the gang? That hasn't been revealed yet, so Bosslogic, fan art extraordinaire, has taken it upon himself to imagine Keanu Reeves' character poster for the Disney•Pixar sequel, and it's exactly what many of you were hoping for.

So far, we know that Keanu Reeves will be giving voice to a smaller toy, that has been compared to the Aliens from the Pizza Planet claw machine. He's also reminiscent of Buzz Lightyear in terms of his cadence and demeanor. That doesn't necessarily sound like John Wick. But as soon as the news broke that Keanu Reeves was joining the Disney•Pixar family, many envisioned a scenario where Wick would arrive in Bonnie's bedroom to avenge the death of his friend Slinky Dog.

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Now Bosslogic has imagined that scenario, and it's pretty dark and twisted. In the original John Wick, the retired assassin has been gifted a puppy by his late wife. When a couple of knuckle heads kill that dog, and steal John's prized 1969 Mustang, he comes out of retirement to retreive his car and avenge his beloved pooch.

As disturbing as it is to watch John Wick's dog get murdered, seeing a dismembered Slinky Dog will surely give some nightmares. His back end lies sideways on one end of the carpet in Bonnie's bedroom. His springy guts are strewn about. There is an arm here, an arm there. And poor Slinky has his eyes closed, tongue dangling out of his mouth like road kill.

Perhaps even more disturbing is that the original voice of Slinky Dog has passed away. The beloved Jim Varney, best known as Ernest P. Worrell, died in 2000, a year after Toy Story 2 arrived in theaters. But it wasn't his last role, his voice was also used in the 2001 Disney animated adventure Atlantis: The Lost Empire. Stand-up comedian Bob Clark stepped into play Slinky Dog in 2010's Toy Story 3. He will return to voice the dog in Toy Story 4 next summer.

Keanu Reeves is just one of several new characters joining Toy Story 4. Tony Hale, of Arrested Development and VEEP fame will be playing makeshift spork toy Forky, and Key and Peele will be playing carnival stuffed toy trophies Ducky and Bunny. This latest adventure is utilizing some different types of toys, so perhaps will be introduced to the horrifying world of chewed up dog toys, which could very well be what Keanu Reeves is playing. Perhaps a miniature Buzz Lightyear squeaky toy? It's also possible that some Star Wars toys might show up, since Disney has gotten the license following the previous entry. Check out the fan poster on BossLogic's Twitter.