Empire Online caught some great interviews at the Empire Awards on Sunday and you can check out the latest updates to their respective projects with the links below!

{http://www.empireonline.com/news/story.asp?NID=22138|Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass on Bourne 4

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We've just kind of been amused by the whole thing," said Matt Damon of the rumour suddenly circulating everywhere after a Variety article last week. "I think it's one of these stories that has a life of it's own. Not that we're against it, we're all for doing a fourth movie but it means coming up with a good story. There are a lot of things that would have to happen before we would sign up for it."

So, that's what the leading man says, but what about the director? "What does Matt say?" asks Greengrass. "He says yes? It's news to me. I think the truth is that it's a very well loved franchise, but we're in the process of trying to work out what kind of film you could make. If there is one, what would it be? How it could go? Without any pressure; without any commitment to it, but everybody loved the franchise. We love it, but none of us would want to go again unless we're sure there's a worthwhile film and that could take some time. You don't want to do that when you feel like you've got to make it and none of us need to, so that's where we are".

{http://www.empireonline.com/news/story.asp?NID=22144|Matthew Vaughn talks Thor

"We're in a holding pattern at the moment," he said. "It's up to Marvel, they have to decide if they want to make the movie and then we take it from there."

"Holding pattern" may well be a cleverly masked way of describing "development hell" but Vaughn, it seems, still has big ideas for Odin's hammer-wielding son.

"Well, the main role is going to be played by someone totally unknown," he said. "It can't be a star, it's got to be someone totally unknown."

Thor the comic book is well known for his overly lyrical dialogue and slightly ridiculous garb, which works well on the page but how will it translate to the big screen?

"I think you have to respect that it is comic book and silly to be frank, so you have to combine that with a modern style and hopefully come up with something fresh. I think we can come up with something special."

{http://www.empireonline.com/news/story.asp?NID=22141|Edgar Wright talks Ant-Man

"It's written and we're doing a second draft of it," said Wright. "It's going to be less overtly comedic than anything else I've ever done. It's more of a full-on action adventure sci-fi film but with a comedic element - in the same spirit of a lot of escapist fare like that. It's certainly not a superhero spoof or pastiche and it certainly isn't a sort of Honey I Shrunk The Kids endeavour at all."

{http://www.empireonline.com/news/story.asp?NID=22143|Simon Pegg on Scotty in Star Trek

On the current status of filming: "It's going great. I've completed my scenes but I've got to go back in two weeks to do some effects stuff. But otherwise I've done it and I think it's going to be fantastic."

On how his Scotty compared to James Doohan's from the original series: "Everything is just a tribute to James Doohan and it's his role. I'm just very honoured to be able to step into his shoes. I just hope I do him proud".

On doing the Scottish accent: "I can't really tell you what kind of Scotty he's going to be because I'll get sued. My wife is Scottish so I just channelled her merry accent and hopefully that'll work."

{http://www.empireonline.com/news/story.asp?NID=22139|Matt Damon and Jason Isaacs on The Green Zone

"We didn't really have an agenda when we set out to make it other than we wanted to make a really good movie and a really honest movie," Damon told us of the tone on the red carpet of the Sony Ericsson Awards this evening. "We have all these real soldiers in the movie and that's really interesting .You know there's not really one opinion that the movie puts forward and there's not one opinion from the soldiers themselves. People have very different views about what went on and what our role in the war is. One thing that Paul does really well in films like United 93 and Bloody Sunday is that he simultaneously puts forward a number of perspectives and you can just sit there and watch an event unfold in a way that feels really real and authentic; hopefully the movie will do that".

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