The adventures of Jason Bourne, it would seem, are not yet over. Or, at the very least, the franchise is going to continue, even if it's without Matt Damon front-and-center, as Bourne 6 is in the works. This info was revealed by franchise producer Ben Smith, who promises that the movie, whatever form it takes, will tie into the upcoming Bourne TV series, Treadstone. Though, he's not ready to dish specific details out just yet.

Ben Smith is currently promoting Treadstone, which debuts later this month. During a recent interview, the producer, who worked on both The Bourne Legacy and Jason Bourne, was asked about the possibility of another movie set within the iconic action franchise. Smith was happy to admit they're working on just such a thing, though he's remaining tight-lipped, for the most part, beyond that. Here's what Smith had to say about it.

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"I mean we are definitely working on another film. What we're doing within that? Will there be connected tissue in terms of are we all existing within the same world and universe? Absolutely. The details of that are still under wraps."

When last we saw Matt Damon's character on screen, it was in 2016's Jason Bourne. The movie failed to connect with critics, but it brought in a solid $415 million globally. That went markedly better than the Jeremy Renner-led spin-off, The Bourne Legacy, which was released in 2012 and brought in just $276 million against a $125 million budget. That said, odds are, the producers would like to bring Matt Damon back, assuming he could be swayed.

But they also seem interested in expanding the lore. Treadstone, which is heading to USA Network, is set to explore the CIA black ops program Operation: Treadstone. The series will look at both the origin of the infamous covert program, as well as the present-day special ops in a globe-trotting adventure. Could we see characters from the show brought over to the big screen for the next adventure? That may well depend on how well audiences respond to the series. Though, it doesn't seem like an impossibility. Shared universes are all the rage in Hollywood right now and the Bourne universe is potentially much larger than what we've explored thus far.

Frank Marshall had previously stated their intention to pursue Bourne 6, but we hadn't heard anything about the project in a few years. So this serves as an encouraging update. The only real bit of info Marshall gave at the time is that Jeremy Renner's character likely wouldn't return. So, whatever this new Bourne movie ends up being, it will expand the universe and could usher in a whole new era for the franchise. We'll be sure to keep you posted as any further details on the project are made available. Treadstone premieres on USA Network on October 15. This news comes to us via CinemaBlend.