Last month, producer Frank Marshall confirmed that he and his team are already making plans for Bourne 6, which will reportedly bring Matt Damon back as title character Jason Bourne and return Paul Greengrass to director's chair. No story has been set yet, and the script has yet to be written. But it will happen in due time. The producer recently broke down what he wants to see in this next sequel. Most of all, he wants to see a bigger world for Bourne to interact with.

As a producer, Frank Marshall has over four decades of work behind him. And he knows a thing or two about sequels. In fact, he's not only working to bring Bourne 6 into existence, he's also one of the driving forces behind Jurassic World 2 and Indiana Jones 5. Talking with Moviefone, Marshall had this to say about his current plans for Bourne 6, and how it will further flesh out the new characters introduced in this summer's Jason Bourne.

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"We're still in the infant stages of discussing what we're going to do next, but certainly, I think we took the opportunity here to give ourselves a lot of options at the end of his one, to expand the world. We have several new characters that are operating, both in the world of the CIA, but also in the world outside, and big business, and cyberspace. So I think we want to stay current, but we're probably going to look to expand the world."

Jason Bourne is coming to Blu-ray and DVD this week, with producer Frank Marshall making the rounds to further promote the movie as it hits the home market. He went onto talk about how important it is to keep Matt Damon's character fresh, and interesting, a challenge the next movie will continue to face head on.

"The big challenge that we have is really how to keep the character of Bourne going, which is, how do we get him back into the fray? Certainly, he was living, when the movie opens, he's just still trying to find himself and find a life that he can live, even though he's tormented by his past. So it's always that question of how do you get him back? So we thought that the cyber warfare that's going on now was a good reason to tap into that again, and then with the idea of Nicky being the conduit to get him back into the fray."

Marshall went onto talk about the franchise as a whole. And how important it is to continue building this world underneath his leading man. He also discussed what makes a good sequel, especially when it comes to this particular franchise.

"There's a couple of elements or ingredients that we always look towards. One is the realism and the grittiness of the movie. We do like to go to real locations and not just either CG them or fake them. Again, on this movie we were in five or six different countries, as we were on all the rest. We also, we have this element of a flashback where Bourne flashes back on previous things to help us tell his story. One of our signature elements are the fights that Bourne has and using everyday objects to figure out things. There are a few of those elements that we always look for. Plus, I think you can look back on all of the movies and say we've had extraordinary supporting characters in the movie, wonderful actors and actresses that give it that signature feel. It's not just the same characters in every movie, like they do with "Bond," but they're different, new characters, for example Riz Ahmed, Alicia Vikander, and Tommy Lee Jones in this one."

Lastly, Marshall is almost 99% positive that Matt Damon is not done with Jason Bourne as a character. He previously stated that Jeremy Renner's Aaron Cross would not be coming back, and that Bourne 6 will continue to focus mainly on Bourne. He says this about why it's important to keep Matt Damon locked into the franchise.

"I think he's the perfect spy. He looks like your college roommate, and he doesn't look like he can hurt anybody, and he's very empathetic. So the audience is really sympathized with his place where he doesn't know who he is. I think that's a really cool problem that they want to see him try and solve, even though they think that he's this nice guy, but he's actually an assassin. That's a conflict they want to see him work out. But he's just this wonderful actor and, as you said, he doesn't have a lot of lines. So he has to do it in his actions and the way he behaves."

At this time, there is no set release date for Jason Bourne 6. And Universal Pictures has not formally announced the movie yet. Though, it sounds like it is certainly happening. It could arrive a few years down the line, and might not even premiere until the next decade, arrive sometime after 2020, which will certainly allow time for both our country and the character of Jason Bourne to grow into something new and very unexpected.