People have likely now forgotten, but the Jason Bourne franchise changed the face of modern action cinema. Introducing audiences to the now infamous shaky-cam, the Jason Bourne movies turned Good Will Hunting star Matt Damon into an action man and ushered in a new era of brutal, complex, more realistic fight sequences that continue to this day. Now, Frank Marshall, who is one of the producers behind the franchise, has discussed his desire to bring Bourne 6 to fruition.

Matt Damon has previously starred in four movies as the amnesiac spy Jason Bourne, with the studio attempting a spin-off back in 2012 with the Jeremy Rener led The Bourne Legacy. Frank Marshall is now keen on returning to the action-packed world of Jason Bourne again, with different creative teams than the original.

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"I do like the Bourne series, and I do think that's an opportunity for different filmmakers to come in now. So, I'm hoping that we can find a new story for Bourne and a new filmmaker. We are looking."

The first Jason Bourne movie, The Bourne Identity, was released way back in 2002 and introduced audiences to the amnesiac spy with a talent for punching people. After a man with a bullet-ridden body is found and looked after by strangers, he awakens with a blank memory and begins a journey to learn his identity, unaware that the road ahead is full of danger.

The sequel The Bourne Supremacy found Bourne being falsely framed in a CIA operation. Of course, this turns out to be a big mistake, forcing Jason Bourne to return to his old ways as an assassin, in order to figure out why they are still after him. The third, and at the time final movie, 2007's The Bourne Ultimatum, follows Bourne as he sets out to track down a CIA official whilst trying to retain memories of a forgotten past.

The Bourne Ultimate wrapped up the story wonderfully, but the character was then brought back for Jason Bourne in 2016, which found Damon's assassin once again one the run from the CIA and uncovering hidden truths about his past. The movie was a financial success, with Jason Bourne pulling in $415 million worldwide, but received a mixed critical response. Many wondered whether Bourne's return was really necessary, particularly in a story that failed to break any new ground. Damon himself has since expressed trepidation about bringing the franchise back for a sixth installment.

Still, the idea of bringing in new filmmakers to reinvigorate the franchise is certainly an intriguing one, and with the Jason Bourne movies focussing on several covert assassin programs there really are multiple directions that a new movie could take. Three of the Matt Damon led movies were directed by Paul Greengrass, with Edge of Tomorrow director Doug Liman having kicked off the franchise with The Bourne Identity. Despite feeling similar in tone, the two directors brought their own touches to their respective movies, and a new director behind the camera, along with a new direction for the story, could be exactly what the franchise needs. This comes to us from Collider.