'Bourne' News

The Bourne Legacy Looking for Its Male Lead in Jake Gyllenhaal, Tobey Maguire and Garrett Hedlund?

The actors are a few of the names being thrown around for the next installment in the Bourne franchise.

Cat Parker

The Bourne Legacy Leaves Matt Damon Unhappy

The actor doesn't like the direction Universal is pushing his franchise.

B. Alan Orange

The Dark Tower Set for May 2013

Universal Pictures has set several other release dates including The Bourne Legacy, Snow White and the Huntsman, Larry Crowne and more.

Brian Gallagher

Matt Damon Talks The Bourne Legacy

The actor hopes to do a Bourne film with Paul Greengrass next year.

Cat Parker

The Bourne Legacy Leaves Opening for Matt Damon's Return

Tony Gilroy's sequel will focus on the parent company behind the Treadstone operation.

Brian Gallagher

The Bourne Legacy Won't Star Matt Damon

Writer-director Tony Gilroy clarified details of his new movie which will feature a brand new Jason Bourne.

Brian Gallagher

Tony Gilroy to Direct The Bourne Legacy

The screenwriter of the first three Jason Bourne movies will direct the fourth installment for Universal Pictures.

Brian Gallagher

Tony Gilroy Returns to Write The Bourne Legacy

The screenwriter behind the first three films will return for the fourth.

Brian Gallagher

Paul Greengrass Talks About His Departure from the Jason Bourne Series

Matt Damon also spoke to the idea of a prequel Bourne film before another sequel.

Brian Gallagher

Will the Next Bourne Film Be a Prequel Instead of a Sequel?

Star Matt Damon chimes in on the possibilities for the franchise.

Brian Gallagher

Matt Damon Discusses the Next Jason Bourne Film

The actor believes Paul Greengrass will eventually come back to the film.

Brian Gallagher

Paul Greengrass Talks About Backing Out of the Next Bourne Movie

Matt Damon is not yet officially attached to the project.

Cat Parker

Universal Unveils Amazing New Flipper DVD Technology

Both DVD and Blu-ray formats will be available on a single disc.

B. Alan Orange

Director Paul Greengrass Won't Direct the Fourth Jason Bourne Film

The director of the last two Matt Damon films will not return for the fourth.

Brian Gallagher

Josh Zetumer to Write Fourth Bourne Film

He will write a parallel script of previous writer George Nolfi's.

Cat Parker

The Bourne Trilogy to Hit DVD Shelves on November 4th

We have some early details on this three-disc set containing all of the Jason Borne films.

Brian Gallagher

Matt Damon Open to Doing Another Bourne Film

Had previously stated he was through playing Jason Bourne.

The Bourne Ultimatum Hits DVD and HD-DVD December 11!

The third time is the charm for Jason Bourne.

Evan Jacobs

The Bourne Ultimatum Tops at the International Box Office

Jason Bourne scares up $16.5 million.

B. Alan Orange

The Bourne Ultimatum Tops the International Box Office

The film finally beats The Simpsons with a $14.4 million take.

B. Alan Orange