We recently reported that Swamp Thing - The Series: Volume 2 was coming July 15, 2008, and would feature an interview with Swamp Thing co-creator Berni Wrightson. Since then, the folks at TVShowsonDVD.com have gotten their hands on the cover art of the volume, and have also learned more about future Swamp Thing releases on DVD. Check out the box art below

<strong><em>Swamp Thing</em></strong> - The Series: Volume 2

It seems that the interview with Wrightson won't appear in this boxed set, due to scheduling conflicts. However, plans for Swamp Thing - The Series: Volume 3 are already underway, and the interview with Wrightson will hopefully be included on that volume.

The irony is that Volume1 contained the first two seasons of the show, but the third "epic" season (50 episodes in length) will be broken between Swamp Thing - The Series: Volume 2 and Swamp Thing - The Series: Volume 3.