Weekend Box Office

1)21 $15.1 million

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2)Leatherheads $13.4 million

3)Nim's Island $13.3 million

4)Dr. Seuss' Horton Hears a Who $9 million

5)The Ruins $7.8 million

6)Superhero Movie $5.4 million

7)Tyler Perry's Meet the Browns $3.5 million

8)Drillbit Taylor $3.4 million

9)Shutter $2.8 million

10) 10,000 B.C. $2.7 million

In a surprising turn of events, 21 continued to hit strong with $15.1 million in its second weekend. That makes it the number one film in the country, besting two new comers that struggled to take second place. George Clooney's Leatherheads won the number two spot by an inch, bringing in an estimated $13.4 million dollars. Kiddy flick Nim's Island was nipping at its cleats, though. The Jodie Foster vehicle almost tied, but wound up in the third place spot with just $13.3 million.

This week's only other major release, Paramount's The Ruins, landed in fifth place with $7.8 million dollars. The big news of the weekend turned out to be two independent films that cleaned up at the art house. Coming in with the best per screen average this weekend was the IFC film The Flight of the Red Balloon. It made an amazing $37,200 on just two screens. It took in an estimated $18,600 for each of its screens, compared to 21's $5,691 per screen average.

My Blueberry Nights fared equally as well with $73,700 on just six screens, bringing in a per screen average of $12,283. A couple of other Indies didn't fare so badly either. Martin Scorsese' Rolling Stones documentary Shine a Light brought in $1.5 million playing on 276 screens. While Meet Bill landed $39,300 on just 36 screens.

Will 21 be able to hold onto the top spot for a third straight week in a row? It's hard to tell. It will be in direct competition with Keanu Reeves in Street Kings, the PG-13 rated horror film Prom Night, and the excellent surf documentary Bra Boys.