Weekend Box Office:

1) 3:10 to Yuma $14 million

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2) Halloween $10 million

3) Superbad $8 million

4) Balls of Fury $5.6 million

5) The Bourne Ultimatum $5.4 million

6) Shoot 'Em Up $5.4 million

7) Rush Hour 3 $5.3 million

8) Mr. Bean's Holiday $3.3 million

9) The Nanny Diaries $3.3 million

10) Hairspray $1.9 million

It was a man's world this weekend at the box office. Tough guys and bullets seemed to dominate the rather weak top ten, with James Mangold's 3:10 to Yuma coming in at first place. The western, starring Christian Bale and Russell Crowe, managed to hustle up $14 million in ticket sales. The film is being considered the first prestige picture to enter the Oscar race this fall, and its box office take far exceeded Lionsgate's expectations. Does it mean we will see a resurgence of westerns in the near future? Well, we do have Brad Pitt's The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford on the way. And Kevin Costner is directing another western after he finishes Swing Vote. Only time will tell if these films manage to be as successful.

This week's other testosterone fueled bullet ballet Shoot 'Em Up didn't fare as well. Michael Davis' action extravaganza, starring Clive Owen and Paul Giamatti, opened well below expectations, hitting at the number six spot with only $5.4 million. This is the type of film that will thrive on home video, so look for it to do exceptionally well when it resurfaces in a couple of months.

Rob Zombie's Halloween continued to scare up big bucks, slashing its way into second place with $10 million. This film is doing exceptionally well at the box office despite it being called one of the worst films of the year. The kids of Superbad also continued to bring home the cash. Their film stayed afloat at number three with an even take of $8 million. That pushes its total gross to $103 million, officially making it the last big hit of the summer. We may just see a sequel to this film yet. I wouldn't be surprised if we saw Seth and Evan's summer home from college sometime in the near future.

The rest of the box office turned out to be a close race, with the other films running neck and neck. Balls of Fury lead the pack with a surprising take of $5.6 million. Word of mouth is keeping this film in the public eye a little longer than expected. Close behind it was The Bourne Ultimatum with $5.4 million. It almost tied with Davis's Shoot 'Em Up.

Next week sees the release of Jodie Foster's The Brave One, the Korean smash Dragon Wars (D-War), and the very funny comedy Mr. Woodcock. The Oscar race is definitely one, and any of these films could emerge the winner at next week's box office.