Weekend Box Office:

1) American Gangster $46.3 million

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2) Bee Movie $39.1 million

3) Saw IV $11 million

4) Dan in Real Life $8.1 million

5) 30 Days of Night $4 million

6) The Game Plan $3.8 million

7) Martian Child $3.6 million

8) Michael Clayton $2.9 million

9) Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married? $2.7 million

10) Gone Baby Gone $2.4 million

It was a brutal showdown at the box office this weekend, with expectations being exceeded all the way around. A couple of Harlem heroin dealers when up against a free spirited honey bee. Though it was a tough fight, American Gangster reigned supreme. The film, starring Russell Crowe and Denzel Washington and directed by Ridley Scott, took in an unprecedented $46 million dollars to be the number one film this weekend. No one expected the film to do this well, so it was a big surprise when the numbers came in this morning.

Coming in close behind to take the second place spot on the box office charts was Jerry Seinfeld's first foray into animation Bee Movie. This film also exceeded expectations, pulling in $39.1 million dollars. The film, which follows the adventures of Barry B. Benson and his quest to free honeybees, was a hit with kids and adults alike. Hopefully, this will open the door for more film project from Seinfeld. He has stayed away from the public eye for far too long, and this just goes to prove that people want to see him in action. Even if he is an animated bee.

The only other real newcomer this week was the John Cusack drama Martian Child, which saw the actor adopting a kid that thinks he's from outer space. Playing on 2,020 screens, the film flew into the seventh place spot with $3.6 million. Saw IV still managed to solicit ticket sales with $11 million in third place. That puts its total earnings at $51 million. Yes, this means there will be a Saw V and VI.

Next week, the gangsters are going to go up against Lions For Lambs in the drama department, while Barry B. Benson will have to get into some fisticuffs of his own with Fred Claus. P2 will offer Saw IV some mild competition in the horror department. And lets not forget that the Coen Brothers' No Country For Old Men will be opening in limited release.