Weekend Box Office

1) Bangkok Dangerous $7.8 million

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2) Tropic Thunder $7.5 million

3) The House Bunny $5.9 million

4) The Dark Knight $5.7 million

5) Traitor $4.6 million

6) Babylon A.D. $4 million

7) Death Race $3.5 million

8) Disaster Movie $3.3 million

9) Mamma Mia! $2.7 million

10) Pineapple Express $2.4 million

This was one of the slowest weekends in box office history. Only one major new release hit screens, and it barley managed to earn $7.8 million. Sure, Bangkok Dangerous was number one, but fourth week hold over Tropic Thunder was hot on its heels with a very close $7.5 million. In theaters since August 13th, the Ben Stiller action comedy still hasn't managed to crack $100 million. After this past weekend, the film has a cumulative gross of only $96 million. It only took this summer's Get Smart less than three weeks to achieve that goal (just to put it into perspective for you).

The Dark Knight has yet to be kicked out of the top five. It resides at number four this weekend with $5.7 million added to hits bank account. After 8 weeks in release, the film has earned $512 million. It currently rests as the number two highest grossing film of all time (not adjusted for inflation). Titanic is still king, and it will take The Dark Knight another $80 million before it can steal away the box office crown.

The only independent film to open at the box office this weekend was Everybody Wants to be Italian. It took in a quite lousy $218,000 playing on 98 screens. The film with the highest per screen average was Takashi Miike's Sukiyaki Western Django for a second week in a row. Still playing on just one screen, the film took in $5,100. If it had the 2,650 screens that belonged to Bangkok Dangerous, it could have speculatively earned $13 million, putting it in the top spot.

Next week will prove to be a little brighter at the fall box office. Tyler Perry's latest film The Family That Preys will make its long awaited debut. Meg Ryan's The Women, a film that has been kicking around Hollywood for more than ten years, will also finally see release. And then there's the second big screen pairing of Robert DeNiro and Al Pacino in Righteous Kill. However it plays out, it will definitely be more exciting than the numbers we saw this weekend. That's for sure.