Weekend Box Office:

1)Cloverfield $41 million

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2)27 Dresses $22.4 million

3)The Bucket List $15.1 million

4)Juno $10.2 million

5)National Treasure: Book of Secrets $8.1 million

6)First Sunday $7.8 million

7)Mad Money $7.7 million

8)Alvin and the Chipmunks $7 million

9)I Am Legend $5.1 million

10) Atonement $4.7 million

Cloverfield broke all records for January, stomping its way into that top spot on the weekend box office charts with $41 million. This surpassed both the film's estimated $25 million budget and industry expectations. This is the little film that could, despite a potential hype-backlash. Most reviews have been glowing, and many critics think it is a brilliant reinvention of the monster movie. A potential sequel is being discussed at this very moment.

Coming in with half as much money was the Catharine Heigl romantic comedy 27 Dresses. It managed to scrape together an estimated $22.4 million, landing it in the second place spot. This week's other chick flick didn't fare as well. Mad Money, starring Queen Latifah, Diane Lane, and Katie Homes, only managed to crawl into the seventh place spot with $7.7 million. The Pamela Anderson-Denise Richards indie Blonde and Blonder pulled in $26,500 in just fourteen theaters.

Will Cloverfield be able to hold onto its top spot next week? Maybe. But I doubt the monster can withstand the chaos being brought by one John Rambo. Also premiering next week is the spoof Meet the Spartans and the computer thriller Untraceable. Those living in the Los Angeles and New York area will be lucky enough to catch Trailer Park Boys: The Movie's American debut.