Weekend Box Office:

1) Hannah Montana: The Movie $34 million

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2) Fast & Furious $28.7 million

3) Monsters Vs. Aliens $22.6 million

4) Observe and Report $11.1 million

5) Knowing $6.6 million

6) I Love You, Man $6.4 million

7) The Haunting in Connecticut $5.7 million

8) Dragonball Evolution $4.6 million

9) Adventureland $3.4 million

10) Duplicity $2.9 million

The hugely popular Disney Channel sitcom Hannah Montana, starring Miley Cyrus, made its second transition to the big screen this weekend in Hannah Montana: The Movie. The song-filled comedy took the number one spot with a whopping $34 million. That number proved to be $4 million higher than Miley's last turn at the box office in Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert Tour. This is a strong franchise that shows no signs of slowing down.

Racing into second place this Easter weekend was Universal's fourth chapter in the popular Vin Diesel/Paul Walker car racing series Fast & Furious. It nabbed another solid $28.7 million, making it the fastest film to zoom past the hundred million dollar mark this year. In just two weeks of release, it has already made more than $118 million. We're more than guaranteed a fifth installment at this point.

This weekend's other two major releases didn't fare quite as well. The Jody Hill directed Seth Rogen mall cop comedy earned $11.1 million, placing it at number four. And 20th Century Fox's manga adaptation Dragonball Evolution belly flopped into the number eight spot with a measly $4.6 million take. You can look for both movies to disappear from the Cineplex rather quickly. If there is going to be a Dragonball Evolution sequel, it may go straight to video.

Will Miley be able to hold the top spot for two weeks in a row? It's unlikely, as she will have to go toe to toe with Disney's other favorite kid Zac Efron in 17 Again, as well as Russell Crowe in the blogging thriller State of Play. It will be one heck of a Disney cat fight. That's for sure.