Weekend Box Office:

1)Dr. Seuss' Horton Hears a Who $45.1 million

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2)10,000 B.C. $16.4 million

3)Never Back Down $8.6 million

4)College Road Trip $7.8 million

5)Vantage Point $7.8 million

6)The Bank Job $4.9 million

7)Doomsday $4.7 million

8)Semi-Pro $3 million

9)The Other Boleyn Girl $2.9 million

10)The Spiderwick Chronicles $2.3 million

Dr. Seuss' Horton Hears a Who proved to have the biggest box office opening of not only this weekend, but of 2008 thus far. The Fox animated adaptation of the 1954 Suess classic roped in a healthy $45 million, high above industry expectations. The film, voiced by Jim Carey and Steve Carell, is the fifth biggest grosser in animated, G rated history. This can mean only one thing: A full-length theatrical adaptation of Green Eggs and Ham isn't very far off in the future.

Last week's 10,000 B.C. came limping into second place with a paltry $16.4 million, though it made double that of its third place competitor Never Back Down. The high-kicking kiddy Fight Club only managed to scrap $8 million worth of ticket sales together, but that was enough to make it a modest hit for Summit releasing. We will most likely see a sequel to this Karate Kid wannabe sometime in the near future.

Doomsday, the week's only other major release, hit with a thud in seventh place earning an estimated $4.7 million. On the indie front, Funny Games took in $520,000 on 289 screens, while the drama Sleepwalking raked in just under $50,000 on 30 screens.

Next week, Horton and the Mayor of Who-Ville will have to face down the behemoth Tyler Perry's Meet the Browns as well as Shutter, Drillbit Taylor, and The Grand.