Weekend Box Office

1)Iron Man $50.5 million

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2)Speed Racer $20.2 million

3)What Happens in Vegas $20 million

4)Made of Honor $7.6 million

5)Baby Mama $5.7 million

6)Forgetting Sarah Marshall $3.7 Million

7)Harold and Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay $3.1 million

8)Forbidden Kingdom $1.9 million

9)Nim's Island $1.3 Million

10) Redbelt $1.1 million

Iron Man lived up to its hearty hype, staying in the top spot for a second weekend in a row. The Jon Favreau directed comic book epic took in an estimated $50.5 million. That brings this Robert Downey Jr. career kicker into true blockbuster status. Its accumulated grosses rest at $177 million, with certainly more money to come in the following weeks.

Warner Brothers' tentpole summer action flick Speed Racer did not fare quite as well. It debuted in the second place spot with a very weak $20.2 million. That was barely enough to fight off the weekend's only other major release. The Ashton Kutcher/Cameron Diaz bromantic comedy was right on Speed Racer's bumper with $20 million in third place.

Things were shaking on the indie side of things. The Fall took in a healthy $80,200 on just nine screens. While Before the Rains nabbed $52,300 on a mere eight screens.

Will Iron Man be able to go for the three-peat next weekend? Tony Stark will be going up against Disney heavyweight The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian, which is Iron Man's only real competition.