Weekend Box Office

1) Max Payne $18 million

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2) Beverly Hills Chihuahua $11.2 million

3) The Secret Life of Bees $11 million

4) W. $10.5 million

5) Eagle Eye $7 million

6) Body of Lies $6.8 million

7) Quarantine $6.3 million

8) Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist $3.9 million

9) Sex Drive $3.5 million

10) Nights in Rodanthe $2.6 million

With so many films hitting the marketplace this weekend, a true box office winner was anybody's guess. Well, it looks like the gamers triumphed as they came out in small droves to support the Mark Walberg shoot-em-up Max Payne. This exciting video game adaptation, which was directed by John Moore, racked up $18 million for first place.

In a surprising turn of events, it was Disney's Beverly Hills Chihuahua that picked up the slack in second place. The talking pooch picture managed to outpace several other high profile projects this weekend, nabbing another $11 million in its third week at bat. That brings its cumulative tally to $69 million. With this kind of staying power, it should top out at $100 million easily by mid-November.

The third and forth place spots belonged to two other newcomers this week. Queen Latifah and Dakota Fanning brought their latest drama The Secret Life of Bees in with $11 million for the bronze. And Oliver Stone's seemingly anticipated biopic W. underperformed in fourth with a less than triumphant $10.5 million. George W. Bush is probably grinning about the whole thing right now.

Sex Drive, this week's only other major release, didn't quite attract the teens it was hoping for. Despite it being one of the funniest films of the year, it quickly flopped itself into the number nine position with a mere $3.5 million. Just barely enough to beat out the weepy romance Nights in Rodanthe, which has become a modest hit with a cumulative gross of $36 million after 4 weeks in release.

Next week continues to be a guessing game for box office pundits across the country. A plethora of films are being released, and all of them will attract a slightly different audience. First up, we have the horror workhorse Saw V, but will Jigsaw be any match against the kids of High School Musical 3: Senior Year? And then there is Clint Eastwood's heavy drama The Changeling, along with Collin Farrell ironing babies in Pride and Glory. Who will be the true winner? I guess you'll just have to wait and find out.