Weekend Box Office:

1)National Treasure: Book of Secrets $20.2 million

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2)I Am Legend $16.3 million

3)Juno $16.2 million

4)Alvin and the Chipmunks $16 million

5)One Missed Call $13.5 million

6)Charlie Wilson's War $8.1 million

7)P.S. I Love You $8 million

8)The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep $6.3 million

9)Sweeney Todd $5.4 million

10)Atonement $5.1 million

This was a rather slow weekend at the box office, with only one new film cracking the top ten list. National Treasure: Book of Secrets remained in the number one spot for the third straight week in a row. It earned an estimated $20.2 million, bringing its cumulative gross to $171 million. I Am Legend managed to crawl back up the chart, resting itself into a comfortable second place spot with $16.3 million. That brings its cumulative gross to a hefty $228 million.

One Missed Call was the only fresh entertainment choice available. This remake of a Japanese thriller brought in an estimated $13.5 million, thus squeaking into the number five position. Sadly, there weren't even any limited releases to add a bit of competition to this week's molasses-like run.

Next week looks a bit livelier as we start to see some of the first hits of 2008 emerge. The very funny First Sunday will make its debut alongside Uwe Boll's long awaited In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale and the kiddy favorite The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything.