Weekend Box Office

1) Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian $70 million

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2) Terminator Salvation $53. 8 million

3) Star Trek $29.4 million

4) Angels & Demons $27.7 million

5) Dance Flick $$13.1 million

6) X-Men Origins: Wolverine $10.1 million

7) Ghosts of Girlfriends Past $4.8 million

8) Obsessed $2.5 million

9) Monsters Vs. Aliens $1.9 million

10) 17 Again $1.2 million

In a stunning upset, Shawn Levy's sequel Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian beat out McG's sequel Terminator Salvation to become the number one film of this Memorial Day weekend. The comedy, starring Ben Stiller as museum guard Larry Daley, pulled in an estimated $70 million over the course of four days, proving that good old fashion family fun never goes out of style. The original Night at the Museum only pulled in $30 million on its opening weekend back in December of 2006, but then went on to gross more than $574 million worldwide.

Terminator Salvation debuted in second place with $53.8 million. McG directed this fourth installment of the popular killer robot franchise, which stars Christian Bale as John Connor, Anton Yelchin as Kyle Reese, and Sam Worthington as half-man/half-cyborg Marcus. The film opened on Thursday, but that one-day head start only brings its cumulative grosses up to $67.1 million, still not enough to beat Museum's Capuchin monkeys.

The only other major release this holiday weekend was the Wayans' clan's spoof comedy Dance Flick, which took in an estimate $13.1 million in fifth place. This was a particularly low opening for a parody film, proving that this type of movie should only be released in a slow month like March or September. Have we seen the last of the spoof? As this film will clean up on the home market, that's highly doubtful.

A number of smaller films opened on the art house circuit this Memorial Day weekend. Stephan Elliot's Easy Virtue, which stars Jessica Biel and Kristin Scott Thomas, pulled in $146,000 on ten screens. Steven Soderbergh's latest The Girlfriend Experience, starring porn actress Sasha Grey, took in $200,000 playing on 30 screens. And Bent Hammer's Norwegian drama O'Horten took in an estimated $32,900 playing on just eight screens.

Next week will see the release of Disney/Pixar's Up, as well as Sam Raimi's long awaited return to horror with Drag Me to Hell. Look for the Mouse House to win this battle.