Weekend Box Office

1) Ocean's Thirteen $37 million

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2) Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End $21 million

3) Knocked Up $20 million

4) Surf's Up $18 million

5) Shrek the Third $15 million

6) Hostel: Part II $8.7 million

7) Mr. Brooks $5 million

8) Spider-Man 3 $4.4 million

9) Waitress $1.6 million

10) Disturbia $550,00

What's more lethal than a Johnny Depp knuckle sandwich? Or even the one-two comedic punch of Seth Rogen and Judd Apatow? How about the "twenty-six fists" machine known as Ocean's Thirteen? This film, starring just about every big name in contemporary Hollywood, conquered the weekend box office, bringing in a pretty powerful $37 million. It arrived on par with its two previous entries. And it seems to be a crowd pleaser. Every single person I know that saw it, loved it.

The other two new releases this week didn't fare so well. Surf's Up rode the crest of its wave to a meager $18 million, dropping it in forth place, right behind Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End at number two with $21 million. Knocked Up hit number three with $20 million.

These two films are really proving their weight this summer.

Pirates has managed to stay at the top of the charts for three consecutive weeks now. It has culled a hefty cumulative booty of $253 million. That's quite the treasure. And Knocked Up is proving that it has some pretty strong little baby legs. Word of mouth is keeping this comedy kicking, and it is living up to its cult status as "the" sleeper hit of the year.

Coming in at number six is Hostel: Part II with $8.7 million. Poor Eli Roth, his film tanked worse than Grindhouse. When the original opened, it took in more than twice as much on its opening weekend, earning $19 million. Its still too early to tell if Hostel: Part II's low figure had anything to do with the bootleg that was running rampant on the streets and on the Internet. Or if people just didn't want to spend a hot afternoon watching someone get castrated.

The screen scene is going to get even more crowded next week when Nancy Drew and Fantastic Four: Rise of The Silver Surfer open in wide release. DOA: Dead or Alive, Eagle Vs. Shark, and Fido all open in limited release.

Will Danny Ocean and the boys manage to stay on top? Or will they be ousted out of the top five by the Silver Surfer? Do you think Nancy Drew has a strong enough upper cut to eliminate Captain Jack from the pack, or will she fail to figure out the Mystery of the Pregnant E! reporter? We'll see the answers to all of these questions next Sunday. I just hope Waitress can hang on a little longer. It really deserves every penny it gets.