Weekend Box Office:

1) Resident Evil: Extinction $24 million

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2) Good Luck Chuck $14 million

3) The Brave One $7.4 million

4) 3:10 to Yuma $6.3 million

5) Eastern Promises $5.7 million

6) Sydney White $5.3 million

7) Mr. Woodcock $4.9 million

8) Superbad $3.1 million

9) The Bourne Ultimatum $2.7 million

10) Dragon Wars (D-War) $2.5 million

Zombies ruled the lot at the box office this weekend, once again proving that their genre is not a dead one. Resident Evil: Extinction is the third film in the Resident Evil franchise, bringing in a very nice take of $24 Million. That's one million more than it's predecessor Resident Evil: Apocalypse made when it opened around the same time back in 2004. Despite a bevy of horrible reviews, the fans still turned out in droves for this new take on the video game classic, which finds its heroes stuck in a destroyed Las Vegas landscape. A fourth installment is already in the works.

Despite a growing disdain for comedian Dane Cook in the online media, people still turned out for his latest comedic romp Good Luck Chuck. The film landed in second place with $14 million. Maybe they went to see it for Jessica Alba? Or possibly they wanted to see super funny Dan Fogler in his second thematic outing. Whatever it was, filmgoers went. Which pretty much insures that Dane Cook will continue working. Personally i like him. He was great in Mr. Brooks and he's pretty good in the upcoming dramedy Dan in Real Life.

This week's only other new release didn't fare as well. Sydney White hit the number six spot, taking in only $5.3 million. The film is a college take on the "Snow White" fairytale, with the dwarfs being replaced by dorm room dropouts. The film had very little promotional push, which may account for its limited mobility on the charts.

Three high profile independent pictures vied for attention in limited release. Despite the positive buzz circling Brad Pitt's western The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, which made $144,000 on only five screens, it was Sean Penn's Into the Wild that beat its competitors with $207,000 playing on just four screens. The very entertaining The Jane Austen Book Club scrapped together about $161,000 on twenty-five screens.

Next week, we'll get to see if the zombies have a leg to stand on when they go up against Peter Berg's brilliant and exciting The Kingdom and The Rock's very funny Disney film The Game Plan.