Weekend Box Office:

1) Rush Hour 3 $50 million

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2) The Bourne Ultimatum $33 million

3) The Simpsons Movie $11 million

4) Stardust $9 million

5) Underdog $6.4 million

6) Hairspray $6.3 million

7) I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry $5.9 million

8) Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix $5.3 million

9) No Reservations $3.9 million

10) Daddy Day Camp $3.5 million

A total of seven new movies opened this weekend, attempting to flush out the last remaining days of summer. Only one movie managed to climb into the top five, though. And that film was Rush Hour 3. The action comedy managed to earn a pretty even fifty million dollars. That's better than the original's debut, which took in about thirty-three million dollars on its opening weekend. Its Rush Hour 2 that reins king of this particular franchise, though, having earned sixty-seven million dollars when it opened in August of 2001. Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan's popularity has fallen off a little bit, but not so much that we need to worry about the duo. Rush Hour 3's fifty million dollar take at the box office this weekend pretty much guarantees we'll be seeing them again, sometime in the near future.

The Bourne Ultimatum managed to stick itself into the number two position with $33 million. Also the third in a very successful series, this new Bourne is pleasing fans around the globe. Some critics have called it the best "3rd" ever. At this time, the film has already broken the hundred million dollar mark with $123 million total. Despite Damon's cries to the contrary, we'll probably be seeing another sequel from this franchise as well.

The other new releases this week didn't fair so well. Stardust managed to shoot itself onto the top five, landing at number four with only nine million dollars. That's not so great by industry standards. Despite positive reviews all the way around, people just weren't that into seeing Neil Gaiman's graphic novel come to life.

They were even less interested in seeing werewolves and pukers. The Eddie Murphy-less sequel Daddy Day Camp barely managed to climb into the top ten, landing at the very bottom position. Cuba Gooding Jr. stars in this rehashed comedy, and it just didn't bring the goods this time around. The sad little film only earned $3.5 million. Lionsgate's werewolf flick Skinwalkers couldn't even muster half that kind of business. It only brought in $565,000, which dropped the film all the way down into the number eighteen position. Navajo's everywhere are hanging their heads in shame. I guess that's what the film gets for sitting on the shelf for more than a year.

Two smaller films didn't do too badly for themselves. July Delpy's 2 Days in Paris managed to earn $181,000 on just ten screens. And the high school comedy Rocket Science grabbed $56,900 on just six screens. Not a bad take for independent cinema.

Next week sees the best film of the summer opening. Its called Superbad and only time will tell if these two high school kids can compete with Jason Bourne and the Rush Hour gang. Also opening next week are The Invasion, The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters, The Last Legion (which has been available on download sites for more than a month already), The 11th Hour, and Frank Oz's Death at a Funeral.