Weekend Box Office:

1) Semi-Pro $15.2 million

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2) Vantage Point $13 million

3) The Spiderwick Chronicles $8.7 million

4) The Other Boleyn Girl $8.3 million

5) Jumper $7.6 million

6) Step Up 2 the Streets $5.7 million

7) Fool's Gold $4.6 million

8) Penelope $4 million

9) No Country for Old Men $4 million

10) Juno $3.3 million

Jackie Moon and his ABA team The Flint Tropics didn't quite slam-dunk the weekend box office, but Semi-Pro did come in number one with $15.2 million. Will Ferrell won the weekend, but he didn't quite bring in the numbers expected. Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby brought in $47 million on its opening weekend, and last year's hit Blades of Glory snagged more than double that of Semi-Pro on its opening weekend with $33 million. Is Will Ferrell's comedy reign nearing its end? We'll have to wait until Step Brothers later this year to see.

This week's other two major releases didn't fair quite as well as Semi-Pro. The sexy teaming of Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johansson in The Other Boleyn Girl didn't turn to many heads. They came in number four with just $8.3 million on 1,166 screens. Even less people wanted to see Christina Ricci and her pig nose. Her modern day fairytale Penelope grabbed $4 million on 1,196 screens.

Two new independent films managed to do alright for themselves. City of Men, the sequel to the acclaimed City of God brought in a decent $122,000 on just seventy-five screens. The documentary Chicago 10 pulled in a tidy $44,800 on a meager fourteen screens. Both films will be rolling out wider in the coming months.

Will Jackie Moon and company be able to stay in the stop spot next week? Or will they drop down to fourth place? It's tough to say. Next weekend will usher in the films 10,000 B.C., College Road Trip, The Bank Job, CJ7, and Married Life.