Weekend Box Office:

1) Superbad $18 million

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2) The Bourne Ultimatum $12 million

3) Rush Hour 3 $11.5

4) Mr. Bean's Holiday $10.1 million

5) War $10 million

6) The Nanny Diaries $7.8 million

7) The Simpsons Movie $4.4 million

8) Stardust $4 million

9) Hairspray $3.4 million

10) The Invasion $3.1 million

It was a tight race at the box office this weekend. While numbers were down, the dregs of summer battled it out to an almost tie finish. It was Seth and Evan that managed to stay on top of their game, still scoring at the box office even though they couldn't score at a house party to save their lives. The Judd Apatow produced comedy Superbad proved to have incredible staying power this weekend, taking in an estimated $18 million dollars. This is the best an R rated film has done this year with the exception of 300. So far, the cheapie flick has accumulated a hefty gross of $68.5 million. It should see its way into the $100 million group by the beginning of September. I doubt we'll see a sequel to it, but we'll definitely be seeing more from all of the people involved.

In second and third place were the sequel holdovers The Bourne Identity and Rush Hour 3. In its forth week of release, Bourne is proving to be an audience favorite. People keep going back to get another taste of Waterloo and all it has to offer. Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker's latest Rush Hour also seems to be making the general paying audience happy. It's in its third week of release, and people are still hopping over to the Cineplex to catch it's comedic slendor. Bourne earned a nice tidy sum of $12 million. Rush Hour 3 was right behind, with an estimated take of $11.5 million.

This week's three new major releases fell in line behind each other, going hand over fist to beat the other back at the box office. The international favorite Mr. Bean's Holiday came in first, landing at the number four position. It grabbed $10.1 million dollars. It didn't reach the popularity it saw in its home country of England, but enough American's warmed up to it to make it a small hit. Coming in very close, nipping at its heels, was the Jason Stratham/Jet Li actionier War. It just couldn't find its foothold against the Brit, banking an even $10 million. Fairing the least out of the newbies was Scarlett Johansson's The Nanny Diaries. It only managed to scrap up $7.8 million.

Next week is Labor Day weekend, and it ushers in three highly anticipated flicks. We'll see Rob Zombie's Halloween, the Garant/Lennon comedy Balls of Fury, and James Wan's action masterpiece Death Sentence. All three have to ability to best Apatow's gang. But will have to wait and see which one comes out swinging.