Weekend Box Office

1) The Blind Side - $20.4 million

2) The Twilight Saga: New Moon - $15.7 million

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3) Brothers - $9.7 million

4) Disney's a Christmas Carol - $7.5 million

5) Old Dogs - $6.9 million

6) Armored - $6.6 million

7) 2012 - $6.6 million

8) Ninja Assassin - $5 million

9) Planet 51 - $4.3 million

10) Everybody's Fine - $4 million

After three weeks on the box office charts Sandra Bullock's football film, The Blind Side based on the true story of NFL Offensive Lineman Michael Oher, finally takes away the number one spot from the Twilight sequel, The Twilight Saga: New Moon. The Blind Side, which was in an additional 186 theaters this week made $6,146 per theater for a total of $20.4 million over the weekend. The film, which only cost $29 million to make, has now earned its money back plus a hundred million equaling a total of $129 million. The Twilight Saga: New Moon, the sequel to the unbelievably successful 2008 teen-vampire film based on the books by Stephanie Meyer was also released in an additional 82 theaters earning $3,808 per theater for a total of roughly $15.7 million over the weekend. The movie, which cost about $50 million to make, has now earned four times that with a total box office of roughly $255 million.

The psychological thriller Brothers starring Tobey Maguire and Jake Gyllenhaal as his brother who gets a little too friendly with wife, Natalie Portman, while he is off at war earned the number three spot on the charts. The movie, which was in 2,088 theaters made $4,646 per theater for an opening weekend total of $9.7 million. The holiday film, Disney's a Christmas Carol, featuring Jim Carrey as Scrooge moved up one place this week to take the number four spot on the charts. The film made an additional $7.5 million this week for a total gross of $115 million in its five weeks at the box office. Finally, rounding out the top five at the box office this week was the John Travolta/Robin Williams parental comedy Old Dogs, which made an additional $6.9 million for a total of $33.9 million in its second week on the charts, just shy of its $35 million purported budget.

In limited release, Disney's The Princess and the Frog, which is the studio's first hand-drawn animated musical in several years, has done modestly well. The film, which has only been in two theaters for the last two weeks has already grossed over $2.4 million and looks to do even better when it goes wide next week. Also doing very well in limited release is Up In The Air from Juno director Jason Reitman starring George Clooney as a traveling corporate axe-man. The film, which was only in fifteen theaters in it's first week made $77,33 per theater for a total of $1.1 million, showing a lot of promise going into next week where it will be released in several additional theaters before it opens wide on Christmas day. However, not fairing as well at the box office this weekend was the Matt Dillon and Laurence Fishburne led heist film Armored, which was release in 1,915 theaters and only made $3,446 per theater for a disappointing opening weekend of only $6.6 million.

Next week will see the holiday film season continue to heat up with the release of several big Oscar contenders. First, the highly anticipated new film from acclaimed director Peter Jackson called The Lovely Bones based on the beloved book of the same name. Director Clint Eastwood is gaining a lot of Oscar consideration with his new Nelson Mandela biopic, Invictus, starring Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon which also opens next week. As does fashion maven Tom Ford's directorial debut A Single Man starring Colin Firth and Julianne Moore, which is in limited release. As previously mentioned, Disney's The Princess and the Frog finally opens wide next week and Broken Lizard fans will have an opportunity to see their new film The Slammin' Salmon next week as well. Check back in seven days to see who comes out on top at the box office next week.