Weekend Box Office:

1)The Bucket List $19.5 million

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2)First Sunday $19 million

3)Juno $14 million

4)National Treasure: Book of Secrets $11.4 million

5)Alvin and the Chipmunks $9.1 million

6)I Am Legend $8.3 million

7)One Missed Call $6.1 million

8)P.S. I Love You $5 million

9)The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything $4.4 million

10)Atonement $4.3 million

The battle for supremacy at the box office this weekend was a bloody one. Two new films duked it out, but there was only one clear winner. Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman were the top draw as their cancer flick The Bucket List made a cool $19.5 million. The film has been in limited release for two weeks already, but wide stream audiences flocked to its sentimentality. It's cumulative earnings equal about $20.9 million.

The second place film just so happened to be David E. Talbert's church comedy First Sunday. It earned a decent $19 million, coming in close on the heels of The Bucket List. This week's two other new releases didn't fare as well. The Christian-themed VeggieTales movie The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything showed up in ninth place with $4.4 million. Uwe Boll's In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale couldn't even climb into the top ten. It landed in the number fourteen spot with just $3.2 million.

Next week will see Cloverfield, Mad Money, and 27 Dresses into the market place, as well as the independent horror film Teeth. It's not hard to guess which film will be number one next week. But how will the two chick flicks stack up against one another? We'll just have to wait and see.