Weekend Box Office:

1) The Game Plan $16.2 million

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2) The Heartbreak Kid $14 million

3) The Kingdom $9 million

4) Resident Evil: Extinction $4.3 million

5) The Seeker: The Dark is Rising $3.7 million

6) Good Luck Chuck $3.5 million

7) Feel the Noise $3.4 million

8) 3:10 to Yuma $3 million

9) The Brave One $2.2 million

10) Mr. Woodcock $2 million

The Rock has charisma to spare. He proved it this weekend when he tackled The Heartbreak Kid, knocking the new comer down to the second place spot. The Game Plan scored another touchdown, taking the number one position with an estimated $16.2 million for the second week in a row. People are falling in love with Dwayne Johnson and Madison Pettis all over the country, proving the tough guy vs. precocious kid genre a winning one. So far, this Disney family film has pulled in a total of $42 million, making it a modest hit for the mouse house.

The Farrelly Brothers didn't manage the same successful run as their Disney cohorts. Their new comedy The Heartbreak Kid landed in second place during its first week of release with $14 million. Does this mean that Ben Stiller's hot star is cooling a bit? Its tough to say at this point. This could be a word of mouth success if enough people deem it worthy to talk about on Monday morning. The film is the Farelly's first R rated outing since Me, Myself & Irene and isn't exactly fit for kids, which could account for its less than stellar numbers at the box office. This is a film that will find most of its fans on the home video circuit. When all is said and done, this will turn out to be another successful film for Peter and Bobby.

Not fairing as well in its first week of release was the Fox Walden outing The Seeker: The Dark is Rising. It only made $3.7 million and is being considered a flop. But what do you expect? The film hasn't exactly been getting the type of hype a Harry Potter film might garner, and its source material is not very well known. Susan Cooper's fantasy series came out in the late sixties and its not exactly required reading in Junior High.

This week's other newcomer flailed around in the seventh position with a measly $3.4 million. Called Feel the Noise, I ,myself, had never heard of it, and I work for a movie related site. The film is about a wannabe rapper who flees to Puerto Rico and discovers the father he never knew. Hmm? Sounds like an uplifting tale. Maybe it could have done Save The Last Dance type business if it had been released in January. I guess we'll never know.

Premiering in limited release, Michael Clayton made $704,000 playing on fifteen screens. This decent pull means that the George Clooney biopic will be rolled out to more theaters later in the month. Critics are in love with it, so you know it must be good (I'm being sarcastic).

Will The Rock manage to hold onto the number one position for three weeks in a row come next weekend? Not likely, since every thing Tyler Perry touches turns to gold. His forth movie Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married? will be making its premier, along with the crime drama We Own the Night and the Cate Blanchett sequel Elizabeth: The Golden Age.