Weekend Box Office

1)Meet the Spartans $18.7 million

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2)Rambo $18.1 million

3)27 Dresses $13.6 million

4)Cloverfield $12.7

5)Untraceable $11.2 million

6)Juno $10.3 million

7)The Bucket List $10.2 million

8)There Will Be Blood $4.8 million

9)National Treasure: Book of Secrets $4.6 million

10)Mad Money $4.6 million

It was a close call at the box office this weekend as Meet the Spartans took in $18.7 million for the top spot. This spoof of Hollywood blockbusters only made a fraction more than Sylvester Stallone's highly anticipated sequel Rambo, which took in $18.1 million for the second place spot.

This week's only other major release was the Diane Lane thriller Untraceable. It took in a less than stellar $11.2 million, placing it at number five on the weekend chart. The Paramount dance film How She Move landed in the number twelve spot with $4.1 million playing on just 1,531 screens. The much-hyped Cloverfield dropped all the way down to the number four spot with just $12.7 million.

A couple of smaller movies hit hard this weekend. The Imax feature U2 3D pulled in $946,000 on sixty-one screens across the country. The Air I Breathe managed to collect a nice $21,500 playing on just seven screens. Sadly, the Canadian import Trailer Park Boys: The Movie didn't even make enough money to register on the charts at all.

Next week will see only one major new release into theaters. Lionsgate's The Eye will be going against its studio companion Rambo in a toe-to-toe battle while Meet the Spartans struggles to keep that second week audience.