Weekend Box Office:

1) Vantage Point $24 million

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2) Jumper $12.65 million

3) The Spiderwick Chronicles $12.6 million

4) Step Up 2 the Streets $9.7 million

5) Fool's Gold $6.2 million

6) Definitely, Maybe $5.1 million

7) Be Kind Rewind $4.1 million

8) Juno $ 4.1 million

9) Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins $3.9 million

10) There Will Be Blood $2.5 million

Vantage Point debuted at the top of this weekend's box office receipts. The all-star cast action thriller beat out Doug Liman's Jumper for the number one position. While Vantage Point grossed almost double the number two position, it still fell short of the $27.2 million Jumper made last weekend.

The Spiderwick Chronicles almost beat out Jumper for the number two spot, just falling short a mere $50 thousand. Step Up 2 the Streets held strong with $9.7 million, well ahead of Warner Brothers' Fool's Gold.

Be Kind Rewind debuted at seventh place and tied with Academy Awards' nominee Juno even though the Michel Gondry film only played on 808 screens.

Both Charlie Bartlett, with $1.8 million, and Witless Protection, with $2.1 million, failed to place in the top ten.

Next weekend should be an all-out rumble when Will Ferrell's Semi-Pro, Chritina Ricci's Penelope and the period drama The Other Boleyn Girl debut.