Weekend Box Office:

1) Yes Man $18.1 million

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2) Seven Pounds $16 million

3) The Tale of Despereaux $10.5

4) The Day the Earth Stood Still $10. 1million

5) Four Christmases $7.7 million

6) Twilight $5.2 million

7) Bolt $4.2 million

8) Slumdog Millionaire $3.1 million

9) Australia $2.3 million

10) Quantum of Solace $ $2.1 million

The Jim Carrey comedy Yes Man had audiences saying "Yes!" this weekend, as the film opened at number one on the box office charts with $18.1 million. Not a stingy scrooge, this funny vehicle for Carrey's humor slid over and made cozy room for two other brand new releases this weekend. The Will Smith mystery movie Seven Pounds pulled in a nifty $16 million take for second place, while the family friendly animated film The Tale of Despereaux slid into third with $10 .5 million.

The Vince Vaughn/Reese Witherspoon holiday comedy Four Christmases continued to make noise, dropping down into fifth place with another $7.7 million to its name. That brings its cumulative take to $100 million, solidifying it as a late in the year hit for Warner Brothers. And the highly touted indie Slumdog Millionaire continued to pull in a strong audience. It took in $3.1 million on just 589 screens for eighth place. The film with the highest per screen average was the Mikey Rourke comeback film The Wrestler, which garnered $52,250 on each of its four screens for a total take of $209,000.

Even more new films are opening this Wednesday to take advantage of the Christmas holiday, so look for next week's box office to be peppered with new hits including Adam Sandler's Bedtime Stories and the big screen adaptation of Marley & Me starring Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston.