With the new year a month old, it seems right to start wondering which summer movies will turn out to be some of the biggest box office bombs of 2017. If you watch a lot of movies, sometimes you just know when a movie is going to flop. Sometimes you can tell from a trailer. Other times you're sitting in a theater, having paid your hard earned  gringo green to see the movie and, very early on, you realize that this thing is a turkey. A lot of times, you actually finish the movie before realizing that you have just wasted 2 hours your life.

The big question is, how does this happen? What makes a movie flop? The people making these tank machines often consider themselves artists. It isn't like anybody sets out to make a true turkey, right? Especially one that arrives in the summer months, a time that sees the biggest blockbusters into theaters.

No one ever heads into production thinking there going to release a stink bomb. Well...That may be the case, but there's just some films you see and think, "The people behind this had to know better!" (Nobody wants filmic disasters on their resume...Or do they?)  It may be a reboot of a TV show that nobody ever asked for. Or, it might be a remake of a classic film that had no business being gone over again. Heck, it might even be a studio trying to catch something trendy on screen, only to see that 2 years later the trend is over or, even worse, the butt of a joke.

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All of these things bring us to the list before you, which we put together while looking at the entire summer release schedule at The Numbers. I am not saying that I want these films to tank. I am just saying that when I, as an informed moviegoer (at least that is how I like to think of myself), hear about a film coming out, I can pretty much tell if it is going to have a life in a movie theater. It is just a sense you get if you've been watching movies for any length of time. At least, you should have that sense anyway.

So please enjoy our look what may end up being the biggest box office bombs of Summer 2017. You may wonder why certain movies are on this list. In fact, you might totally disagree with this list. The reality is that you probably had this list stewing in your head and you just never put it down on paper. So basically, I'd like to say you're welcome.

King Arthur (May 12)

King Arthur 2017

It usually isn't a good sign when your release date gets moved. This doesn't mean it's going to be one of the biggest box office bombs ever, but it's probably headed for turkey-ville and not a golden statuette. What it seems to suggest is that somebody who once supported this film probably thinks that it is now one of those bad movies. Also add that this sword-fantasy film from director Guy Ritchie was actually completed some time ago, and one has to wonder why Warner Bros. is still sitting on it? This film calls itself the "feature film version of the classic King Arthur: Legend of the Sword story." However, everything from it's look, to its one-sheet, seems to suggest that it is just a bit behind the curve. Ultimately, audiences seem to like Charlie Hunnam (he plays the film's title role), but the question lingers if they want to pay to see him in this period piece? Now, films that have a rocky road to release don't always fail at the box office. Look at Slumdog Millionaire. Guy Ritchie is also no slouch, even if The Man from U.N.C.L.E. wasn't that well received. Sadly though, King Arthur seems more like the Ben Hur reboot than Gladiator.

Evan Jacobs