Box Office News

Talladega Nights: The Ballad Of Ricky Bobby Finishes #1 At The Box Office

The Will Ferrell comedy takes in $47 million opening weekend.

Miami Vice Busts Up Pirates For Tops At The Box Office

The Jamie Foxx/Colin Farrell action took in $25 million opening weekend.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest Dominates the Box Office Again

Week 3 doesn't slow down the Disney film one bit.

Brian B.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest Takes the Weekend Box Office Again

A very close second place race goes to Little Man over Dupree.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest Steals A New Weekend Box Office Record

$132 million takes over Spiderman as tops for a three-day weekend.

Superman Returns Smashes IMAX Box Office Records

Largest domestic seven-day total at $6.83 million.

Superman Returns Soars To Victory At The Box Office

The Man of Steel wins with $52 million over the weekend.

Click Controls the Box Office

Debuting at #1 with an estimated $40 million.

Brian B.

Cars Lays The Smack Down On Nacho Libre To Take The Weekend Box Office

The Disney/Pixar flick makes it two weeks in a row at the top spot and crosses $100 million in the process.

Cars Races To A First Place Finish At The Box Office

The Disney/Pixar film takes the weekend with $62 million.

Jen And Vince Break Up The Box Office

The rom-com beats out X-Men for the weekend while The Da Vinci Code surpasses $500 million worldwide.

The Da Vinci Code Takes International Box Office

The film sails past $450 million worldwide in its second week.

The Da Vinci Code Murders The Weekend Box Office

With $30 million opening day, the film crushes the competition.

Mother's Day Weekend Goes To MI:3 At The Box Office

The Tom Cruise flick narrowly beats out Poseidon for the top spot.

Scary Movie 4 Breaks Easter Weekend Box Office Records

Grossing over $41 million.

Brian B.

Ice Age Stays at the Top of the Box Office

Beating out all of last week's newcomers.

Brian B.

Pink Panther Climbs to Lead Chinese Box Office

The film leading boxoffice charts in sundry countries.

Brian B.

Madea's Family Reunion Tops the Box Office Again

With an estimated $13 million take.

Brian B.

Eight Below Takes Number 1 at the Box Office

With a $25 million gross domestic debut.

Brian B.

Pink Panther Tops the Box Office with $21.7 Million

New Line's Final Destination 3 follows right behind.

Brian B.

Big Momma's House 2 Tops the Weekend Box Office

Snagging the top spot with an estimated $28 million.

Brian B.

Underworld: Evolution Makes a Box Office Killing

Sinking it's teeth into $27.6 million.

Brian B.

Glory Road Scores the Weekend's Box Office Victory

A narrow conclusion finalizes the real results after all, leaving Hoddwinked in second place.

Brian B.

Hoodwinked Takes the Top of the Box Office

Surpassing Glory Road at the end of the 4-day weekend.

Brian B.

Hoodwinked and Glory Road Top the Holiday Box Office

It's a family oriented box office run this holiday weekend.

Brian B.

The Chronicles of Narnia One Again Claims #1 at the Box Office

Grabbing an estimated $32.8 million, with King Kong trailing right behind.

Brian B.

King Kong Battles Narnia for the Box Office Crown

King Kong: $31.4 million vs. Narnia: $30.1 million

Brian B.

Narnia Roars Into #1 at the Box Office

Making a $67.1 million bow.

Brian B.

Goblet of Fire Tops the Box Office for the 3rd Week

Accumulating an estimated $229.8 million in 17 days.

Brian B.

The Goblet of Fire Enchants the Holiday Box Office

Taking te top slot for the second consecutive weekend.

Brian B.

Harry Potter Works Box Office Magic

Taking an estimated $101.4 million over the weekend.

Brian B.

Chicken Little Does Big Box Office Business

Bringing in an estimated $40.9 million.

Brian B.

Saw II Slashes the Box Office Competition

Cutting an estimated $30.5 in the weekend's top slot.

Brian B.

This Weekend's Box Office is Doom'd

Firing for the top spot, but shooting blanks with a lukewarm reception.

Brian B.

The Transporter 2 Tops the Weekend Box Office with $20 Million

The 40 Year Old Virgin steps down to second place.

Brian B.

The 40-Year-Old Virgin Stays at #1 at the Box Office

The Brothers Grimm falls in line behind.

Brian B.

Brothers Does Big Box Office

The Skeleton Key opens well while Deuce 2 disappoints.

Evan Jacobs

Wedding Crashers Crashes the #1 Box Office Slot

The R-rated comedy got sick of being #2 for the last 2 weeks.

Brian B.

Charlie & The Chocolate Factory & The Wedding Crashers Reamin Atop the Box Office

The Island debuts in the fourth place slot.

Brian B.

Fantastic Four Clobbers the Weekend Box Office with $56 Million Opening

Claiming the third-biggest opening this year.

Brian B.