/Film (a.k.a. "SlashFilm") caught up with Running with Scissors writer-director Ryan Murphy who spoke about his upcoming Richard Nixon film, Dirty Tricks:

"Mine shoots next fall. I'm writing it, I've cast it. I have my whole cast," Murphy told /Film. "It's going to be Meryl (Streep), Annette Bening, Gwyneth Paltrow, Brad Pitt and Jill Clayburgh, and Sharon Stone and Jim Broadbent."

"It's about the women in Watergate, it's very different that Ron Howard's Frost/Nixonmovie. I love Ron Howard's movie, that was about what a nightmare Nixon was to get the rights for the Frost interview, and the negotiations back and fourth for that. Mine is really much more about one of the first Cassandra's of our century."

Ryan continued, "But that movie is really about a woman who said our government is corrupt, and why is no one believing me. Why is no one seeing that this Tricky Dicky Nixon is insane. And everyone's like you're crazy. And I also think it's the perfect time to make this movie. We'll shoot it in fall (2007) and put it out next fall (2008)."