Brad Pitt has been one of Hollywood's biggest stars for what feels like forever now, constantly delivering incredible performances across a variety of genres. One thing that has always eluded him though is one of those little golden statues called Oscar, but last night he finally bagged one for his supporting performance in Quentin Tarantino's Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. During what turned out to be a rather touching acceptance speech, Brad Pitt reflected on his career, thanking the people that helped him get to where he is, but not before he took the opportunity to have a dig at President Donald Trump.

"They told me I only have 45 seconds up here, which is 45 seconds more than what the Senate gave John Bolton this week."
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This, of course, is a reference to the lack of evidence that was allowed to be given at Trump's impeachment hearing by John Bolton, the ex-Trump adviser. Apparently Pitt did not get the memo from Ricky Gervais' Golden Globes opening monologue of just thanking your god, collecting your little statue, and getting off the stage.

After getting things started with a political quip, Pitt paid tribute to his Once Upon a Time in Hollywood director Quentin Tarantino, calling "original" and "one of a kind", before telling him that "the film industry would be a much drier place without you." He then sent his love towards his co-star, and fellow Hollywood A-lister, Leonardo DiCaprio.

"Leo: I'll ride on your coattails any day, man. The view is fantastic."

Having won the award playing a stuntman, Pitt quite rightly thanked the hard work of Hollywood's stunt performers.

"I also wanna say, ya know, while we're doing all this, I think its time we give a little love to our stunt coordinators and our stunt crews."

Finally, Pitt looked back at his glittering career, becoming quite emotional as he did so, and reflected on the people that got him to where he is, as well as the fairytale that has been his life in Hollywood.

"Listen, I'm a bit gobsmacked. I'm not one to look back but this has made me do so, and I think of my folks taking me to the drive-in to see Butch and Sundance, and loading up my car and moving out here, and Geena and Ridley giving me my first shot. To all the wonderful people I've met along the stand here now...once upon a time in Hollywood... ain't that the truth."

The award clearly meant a lot to the actor, and it was a well-deserved victory for his charming, funny, stand-out performance as Cliff Booth in Quentin Tarantino's Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. As they kicked off the 92nd annual Academy Awards, Pitt's win was the first of the Oscar Winners announced. South Korean thriller Parasite won 4 Oscars while Joaquin Phoenix won his first Oscar for Joker.