Show Biz Spy has unleashed a giant rumor this evening that super star Brad Pitt is eyeing the lead in a big screen adaptation of the hit Rockstar Western video game Red Dead Redemption. Of course, this news cannot be confirmed at this time. It is not even certain if the film is going into production.

That hasn't stopped Show Biz Spy from claiming that Brad Pitt is the favorite to play lead renegade outlaw John Marston in the epic cowboy shoot-em-up. The site says that the film, which finds Marston forced to hunt down members of his old gang, will be a sprawling Western with a "few modern touches".

The news is that Brad Pitt is being given first refusal for the role. Which could very well be true, even if he doesn't know this yet. Who wouldn't hire Brad Pitt for their film? He is one of the biggest stars in the country, so it's quite possible that the makers of Red Dead Redemption want him in their film.

We will keep you up to date as soon as any real news on this story breaks.