picked up a scoop over the weekend from actor Bradley Cooper himself, who confirmed that he is indeed portraying "Face" in the upcoming adaptation of The A-Team.

IESB asked Bradley Cooper point blank if he was excited about playing Faceman in The A-Team. His reaction? A mixture of surprise and astonishment - "That's out already!?"

Following some laughter and excitement, he continued, "Wow. Yeah...its Joe Carnahan's. It's very interesting. It'll be cool. It will be cool see what...He'll make a great movie out of it."

Cooper was quickly whisked away back down the hall, after we had a chance to thank him for his time and got a "Thanks man" in return.

Joe Carnahan directs the team, which will hit theaters on June 11th, 2010.

UPDATE: (5/20/09 11AM PST)

CHUD recently spoke with Cooper, who was doing press for his upcoming film The Hangover, and Cooper revealed he hasn't been approached for the role of Face on the new remake of The A-Team.

"A guy came up to me and asked about the character Faceman in The A-Team. I said 'Oh, that's out there already?', but my point was that news about the film is out there. Literally that people knew about Carnahan and the remake, that's it. I haven't read a script or met Joe Carnahan."

We'll be sure to keep you posted on any casting news regarding this new The A-Team film.