Bradley Cooper is stepping in to replace Jude Law in the Western Jane Got a Gun. Jude Law dropped out of the project last month, just one day after original director Lynne Ramsay abruptly left the project on the first day of shooting.

Jude Law himself was a last-minute replacement, boarding the project last month to take over for Michael Fassbender. Jude Law backed out after Lynne Ramsay left, because he had joined the project specifically to work with her.

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Gavin O'Connor is directing from a screenplay by Brian Duffield. The story follows Jane (Natalie Portman), a young wife whose husband comes home riddled with bullet wounds, clinging on to dear life. She seeks the help of an ex-lover (Joel Edgerton) when the outlaw (Bradley Cooper) who shot her husband comes back to finish off the job.

Bradley Cooper is currently shooting the Untitled David O. Russell Project, and will shoot his Jane Got a Gun scenes at a later date.