Oh, [email protected]! Here comes another potential secret ruined, just to get you guys all riled up. It's not my fault really. Just know: This is a MAJOR SPOILER!

Bradley Cooper is rumored to have joined the Superman: Man of Steel cast after having his schedule freed up due to Paradise Lost going into indefinite purgatory. This comes from a trusted inside source at Warner Bros. But it has in no way been confirmed or denied. Yet.

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That's because his role is being kept a secret. If you want to know more, please, continue reading.

In April, it was revealed that Lex Luthor had a substantial role in the early drafts of the Superman: Man of Steel script. Director Zack Snyder claimed that he was taking this first chapter in, what could become, a rebooted franchise in a different direction from the past five films. All of which had Lex as the main villain. It was believed that Luthor would no longer be in the movie. But remember, Zack said the same thing about Zod, and we know for certain that Michael Shannon is playing that exact character.

According to this new "rumor", Lex Luthor has been added back into the script, with the freed-up Bradley Cooper playing the role. It's believed that this cameo is setting up Lex to be a major player in a sequel to Superman: Man of Steel (but come on, when was the last time one of Zack Snyder's movies was good enough to warrant a sequel?)

The first couple of drafts saw Lex coming in at the end of Superman: Man of Steel to force the evil Kryptonians through a Phantom Zone. He then considered doing the same to Superman, but chickened out at the last minute. Its not known if this same ending is intact.

If Bradley Cooper is indeed playing Lex Luther, he will be following in the footsteps of Gene Hackman and Kevin Spacey. Let's hope he looks good with a bald head.