Brain Damage Films and Genius Entertainment certainly have a lot of horror going on!

Movie PictureFangoria reports that Zack Parker's Inexchange will be reissued in a Director's Cut courtesy of Brain Damage Films February 6.


A college outcast who willingly accepts his outsider status finds his easygoing existence forever changed after being pushed over the edge by the cool crowd in director Zach Parker's bloody tale of ultimate revenge. For as long as he can remember Maury has always been the butt of his classmate's cruel jokes. Instead of taking the abuse personally, however, Maury has learned to simply go with the flow and allow the cruelty of his peers to simply run its natural course.

When the popular kids on campus invite Maury to an exclusive party, the good natured outsider wonders if he may have finally gotten a break. There's a sinister motivation behind the invitation though, and upon arriving at the party Maury is subjected to the ultimate humiliation. Though he took his abuse in stride in the past, this time Maury has been pushed beyond the breaking point. Presented with the opportunity to ensure that all of his problems are eliminated one at a time, Maury readily agrees without considering the toll that he will have to pay for such violent retribution.

DVD Features:

- Director and actor commentaries

- Behind-the-scenes featurette

- Director and cast interviews

- A Personal Tour With Sean Blodgett featurette

- A Day With Zack Parker on the Set of His New Film "Quench" featurette

- Photo gallery

In other horror related news...

Fangoria tells us that Genius Entertainment will roll out Bottom Feeder on April 3.


A maintenance man (Tom Sizemore) sees his life threatened when he becomes the target of a military experiment gone awry.

Bottom Feeder will sell for $24.95.